Former LDS/Mormon church counselors in bishoprics who have been publicly accused or found guilty of sexual abuse or sex crimes.

  • Allen, Terry George was an LDS church member; in 1987, was found guilty of sexual abuse of a child and was sentenced to six years in prison
  • Bills, Donald Nelson was once in a Mormon bishopric; pleaded guilty to multiple felonies, including rape of a 17-year-old girl
  • Brinkerhoff, Allen J was a Mormon bishop and stake president and manager of an LDS stake welfare farm in Nevada; in 2007, found guilty of child sexual abuse and sentenced
  • Collingwood, Gerald Arthur Collingwood Arthur was a Mormon bishopric counselor in Utah; found guilty of child sexual abuse in 1996 and sentenced
  • Deaton, Randall Craig was an LDS church member in the Holmes Lake Ward, Lincoln Nebraska Stake; convicted in 2002 of attempted 1st degree sexual assault of a minor; subsequently called as counselor in a YSA ward bishopric Crime: 1995, , NE Location: 2022, Lincoln, NE
  • Ellsworth, Anthon Taylor was an LDS bishopric counselor and returned missionary in Arizona; in 2021, pleaded guilty to three felony counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and was sentenced to seven years in prison
  • Graton, Jeffrey Allen was a Mormon church counselor in a bishopric in Utah; sentenced to prison in 2018 for child sexual abuse
  • Hack, Matthew John was a Mormon church member and stake high council member in Oklahoma; accused in 2019 of child sexual abuse; pleaded no contest to an amended charge of child neglect
  • Head, Jeffrey Byron former LDS bishop in Utah; convicted of attempted forcible sexual abuse, two counts of lewdness and sexual battery; sentenced to four months behind bars and four years of probation
  • Johnson, Carl Matthew former mayor of West Bountiful, UT; former Mormon bishop; arrested for and charged with sexually abusing several children; pleaded guilty in January 2023 to four felony counts of child sexual abuse; sentenced in March 2023 to prison Location: , , unknown unknown
  • Kempton, Robert Glenn was an Mormon bishop, stake president and attorney in Arizona; arrested in 2014 in a police sting for underage prostitution
  • Kilpatrick, Jimmy Maurice was a Mormon church member in Alabama; found guilty of sexual abuse
  • Newman, Paul William was a Mormon bishop in Utah; convicted of a sex crime
  • Poelman, Byron Lloyd was a bishop and stake president in Utah and partner in a law firm that represented the LDS church; arrested in 1994 for soliciting a prostitute; pleaded guilty to a class B misdemeanor charge of patronizing a prostitute
  • Reese, Gary Fuller scoutmaster, bishopric counselor, seminary teacher; accused of sexually molesting several boys in his scout troops
  • Shean, Michael Rex was a Mormon church member and temple worker in California; convicted of sexually molesting boys
  • Wiscombe, Byron Dean was an LDS bishopric counselor and Idaho city councilman; signed a plea agreement indicating he would admit to committing lewd conduct with a minor; sentenced to prison in 2023 Crime: , , unknown unknown Location: 2022, Ammon, ID
  • Withers, LaVar Madsen was a Mormon church member and physician in Idaho; was accused of sexual abuse by over 125 women and children (some as young as 13 years old); found guilty of misdemanor battery; sentenced to 30 days in jail Location: 1964, Rexburg, ID