was a Mormon church member and dentist in Layton, Utah; was a scout leader; pleaded guilty in 1988 to sexually abusing two girls who were his dental patients; the sexual abuse occurred in his dental office and included drugging one or both girls with nitrous oxide

Case Summary

Norman Barber was an LDS church member and dentist in Layton, Utah who sexually abused two 15-year-old girls while keeping them sedated with nitrous oxide during dental appointments at his office.

Barber said he confessed to his bishop in December 1986, but that police didn’t learn of the abuse until months later, after one of his victims reported it.

As of 2023, Barber’s LinkedIn profile says that he worked as a dentist at Red Rock Dental from 1977 to 2017.

His license was revoked but later reinstated.

from the Provo Daily Herald on 1989-06-09:

“SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Layton dentist on probation for forcible sexual abuse of teenage patients has pleaded for his professional life as a panel of his peers considered suspending or revoking his pediatric dental license.

Norman C. Barber, 41, pleaded guilty in 2nd District Court in May 1988 to two charges of felony forcible sexual abuse. A third charge was dismissed.

He was sentenced to one year in jail, ordered to pay a $2,500 fine and to enroll in a sexual abuse treatment program. He served three months in jail, but was allowed to go to work every day, and ts currently serving an 18-month probation.

Barber told the state Dental Licensing Board Wednesday that he is complying with all conditions of his probation and attempting to support his 10 children, although his practice has dwindled. Barber and his wife divorced following his plea.

Typically, licensing boards considering sanctions against a professional’s license conduct a hearing and take the case under advisement. An order outlining any sanctions is usually issued within several weeks.

Barber’s victims told police they were abused while under the influence of nitrous oxide. Barber testified Wednesday that he sedated the girls to perform dental work on them but also to arouse them sexually, a common side effect of nitrous oxide.

He said the abuse that resulted in criminal charges was discovered by the girls when they awoke prematurely from the anesthesia.

Scott W. Holt, Barber’s attorney called several witnesses to testify to Barber’s professional competence and his moral character, including Mormon Church officials who said Barber confessed the sexual abuse to them.

Barber said he confessed to his bishop in December 1986, but that police didn’t learn of the abuse until months later, after one of the girls reported it.

Dr. Doris Read, a Salt Lake City clinical psychologist hired by Barber to perform a presentence psychological evaluation, said she didn’t believe the dentist was a pedophile. She said that, in her opinion, “he is not a danger to: patients in general…. I have not gotten the impression that it is his intention for this to ever happen again.”

Norman Barber was also placed in the Boy Scouts of America confidential “perversion files” after his conviction of two counts of forcible sexual abuse of a minor.

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