FLOODLIT.org gives the public free access to a database of more than 560 alleged or confirmed Mormon sex criminals.

We are a small team working 7 days a week to make FLOODLIT more useful.

Your donations enable us to report abuse cases and support survivors.

THANK YOU for your support!


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What are the different ways you can donate to FLOODLIT.org?


What does FLOODLIT.org do with donation funds?

We do research, we provide public reports, and we help survivors.

  • Research: We use your donations to buy software, pay for Web hosting, get court records, get police records and subscribe to newspapers and other information archives.
  • Reports: Your financial support enables us to compile and publish case reports, pay for Web hosting, buy software, and put our reports online as a free public service.
  • Survivors: Your donations pay for us to be able to communicate with abuse survivors, assess their needs and connect them to people and programs who can help them.


Are donations to FLOODLIT.org tax-deductible?

No. We are a not-for-profit small business, but your donation will not be tax deductible, in order to help us keep our supporters anonymous.


Are donations to FLOODLIT.org private?

We keep all donations private. We don’t share your personal information with anyone.


What organizations endorse or support FLOODLIT.org?

We are endorsed by Protect Every Child, Relentless Hope and other organizations. View our endorsements.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your ongoing support as we shine a light together!