was a Republican candidate for Utah Senate; charged in 2022 with one second degree felony count of forcible sexual abuse; pleaded not guilty; as of January 16, 2024, the case was headed toward a final pretrial hearing on January 17

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Utah case 221400339

“Utah Republican Senate candidate charged with felony sexual abuse”

“UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A Republican candidate running for the Utah State Senate has been charged with forcible sexual abuse.

The candidate, Brandon Beckham, 46, is currently running to represent District 23. Beckham has been charged with a second-degree felony charge of forcible sexual abuse by a Pleasant Grove woman.

Court documents say the incident happened in June 2021 when a woman reported a non-consensual sexual encounter with Beckham to law enforcement in Pleasant Grove.

The victim says Beckham was a social acquaintance of hers and went to her home one day to watch a movie together.

At one point, the victim says she left the room and when she returned, Beckham had stripped down to his underwear, laid a blanket on the floor and turned on some battery-operated candles.

The victim says she agreed to give him a massage but Beckham asked her to massage areas that she wasn’t comfortable touching.

Court documents say Beckham forcibly tried removing her clothing while she told him to “knock it off!” as she felt uncomfortable. She claims Beckham told her she was “being too conservative.”

When the victim tried to leave, she says Beckham wouldn’t let her, grabbed her and said “we aren’t done yet.”

Authorities say Beckham forcefully pinned the woman’s body on the ground and grabbed her painfully by the arm at one point.

After the incident, the woman says Beckham told her he was “wild” and “he had gone too far.” He claims he was “just being kinky” and didn’t realize the woman was uncomfortable with the situation.”

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