was a Mormon church member in Pleasant Grove, Utah; arrested in 2015 and admitted to sexually abusing 5 individuals in 10 years; sentenced in 2016 to prison in Utah

Case Summary

In 2015 in Pleasant Grove, Utah, Mormon church member Andrew Bishop was arrested for sexual abuse against children.

In 2016, Bishop was sentenced to prison in Utah.

  1. Pleasant Grove man charged with 7 counts of sexual abuse of a child
    view source details | 11 Sep 2015 | KUTV
  2. Andrew Mack Bishop
    view source details | 1 Jan 2023 | Offender Radar
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  • Pleasant Grove man charged with 7 counts of sexual abuse of a child
    Source type: News article
    Publisher: KUTV
    Date published/accessed: 11 Sep 2015
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    An man self-reported sexual abuse of children to Pleasant Grove police after he was confronted by LDS church leaders who learned of the abuse from an alleged victim.

    The man, Andrew Bishop, is 33-years-old and is accused of abusing five victims in a 10-year period according to police. When leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints confronted Bishop,he was told he needed to call police or church leaders would, according to Lt. Britt Smith with the Pleasant Grove police.

    He said Bishop went to the police station and told a detective he sexually abused the first victim nine years ago. He also said the latest victim's abuse happened during the past eight months. Bishop is charged with seven counts of sexual abuse of a child and arrested.

    Police do not believe there are other victims and they believe the man was forthcoming with all of the alleged crimes.

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    Andrew Mack Bishop
    Source type: Registered sex offender record
    Publisher: Offender Radar
    Date published/accessed: 1 Jan 2023
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