was a Mormon church member and Utah Valley University professor; accused in 2021 of voyeurism and electronic communication harassment; convicted and sentenced in 2022

Case report

from ABC4 on 2021-03-23:

“SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – The alleged victim of a former Utah Valley University professor is speaking out publicly for the first time. 37-year-old Jarom Brown is accused of filming the victim without her permission and then electronically harassing her.
UVU professor accused of voyeurism and harassment steps down

ABC4 agreed not to identify this woman and will call her Sue.

Sue says she feels like she’s being retaliated against because she’s coming forward and that this case may cost her, her acting career.

“I’ve done so many shows in the theatre community. I have so many friends, and you’d be surprised how many of those friends will come to you when you’re saying, ‘this guy, he is not such a good guy,” she says. “It’s easier to call you the dirty s*** than to challenge their opinion of what a good man is. I did nothing wrong.”

Sue tells us Brown began harassing her around the new year.

“He was contacting me repeatedly via text and I asked him to stop,” she says.

At the time, tells ABC4 she was separated from her husband and Brown lost a family member.

“When I wouldn’t respond to Jarom, he started texting my husband and he started texting my friends to get a hold of me,” she says.

Sue took her concerns to Saratoga Springs Police Department in February. Court documents show Brown gave officers a video of their romantic encounter to combat the electronic communications harassment accusation.

A probable cause statement said, “Mr. Brown provided this video clip to police as evidence he thought would exonerate him from the electronic communications harassment investigation.”

Sue says, “I thought, ‘oh I know what he is talking about.’ Like Jarom threatened me with this before.”
ABC4 News Investigative Reporter Jason Nguyen speaking with victim

Sue gave officers a picture she says Brown sent her. The screenshot was of a different encounter. Both times she says she didn’t know she was on camera.

ABC4 Investigative Reporter Jason Nguyen went back to Brown’s home to get his side of things, but he was unavailable.

Brown worked at UVU as a professor in the theatre department and stepped down after police arrested him on two counts of voyeurism and 10 counts of electronic communications harassment.

Sue says she knows there are more victims within the theatre community adding, “I would encourage all of them to come forward with their cases. What do you have to lose at this point?”

It’s important to note, the Utah County Attorney’s Office will have the final say on the official charges against Brown, and those can come any day.”

As of November 2022, Brown pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor charges and the pleas were held in abeyance as follows:

“1. VOYEURISM – Class B Misdemeanor Plea: Guilty – Disposition: 11/09/22 Plea in abeyance
2. VOYEURISM – Class B Misdemeanor Plea: Guilty – Disposition: 11/09/22 Plea in abeyance
3. ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION HARASSMENT – Class B Misdemeanor Plea: Guilty – Disposition: 11/09/22 Plea in abey dom”

Defendant enters into an 18 month plea in abeyance.
Defendant is to have no new violations of local, state or federal laws, excluding minor traffic offenses.
Defendant is to provide proof of completion of a mental health evaluation by a state-licensed provider and completion of any recommended treatment.
Defendant is to provide a copy of the evaluation to the court by November 11, 2022.
Defendant is to provide proof of completion or treatment or a satisfactory progress report by November 30, 2023.
Defendant is to have no direct or indirect contact with L.V.-T. during the plea in abeyance period.
The case will be dismissed upon successful completion of the plea in abeyance terms and conditions.
Tracking review date for Plea in Abeyance: 05/09/2024”

Case facts

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