was an LDS church member in Rhode Island; accused of sexual abuse that allegedly took place in an LDS chapel

Case Summary

George S. Davis reportedly molested a child at a Mormon chapel.

“On February 24, 1991, six-year-old Marisa 1 went with her parents and siblings to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Miantonomi Avenue in Middletown, Rhode Island, to attend Sunday services. After the services concluded, Marisa, and her brother and sister went upstairs to the church gymnasium. As they entered the gymnasium, Marisa and her siblings noticed defendant, George S. Davis (Davis or defendant), whom they had never seen before this encounter, giving the other children in the gym piggyback rides, walking on his hands, and performing tricks for his audience. Davis was the only adult in the gymnasium. It was after the other children had been given piggyback rides that Marisa was given her turn by defendant. During Marisa’s piggyback ride, Davis allegedly sexually abused her.”

From a court of appeals opinion:

“This case comes before the court on the defendant’s appeal from a judgment of conviction after a jury trial entered in the Superior Court of Newport County on a single count of second-degree child molestation. The defendant’s motion for a new trial was denied, and he was sentenced to twenty-five years imprisonment, ten years to serve, with fifteen years probation. On appeal the defendant seeks to have his conviction vacated and to have the case remanded to Superior Court for a new trial. We affirm the conviction.”

  1. DAVIS-George S Davis STATE v George S Davis
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  • DAVIS-George S Davis STATE v George S Davis
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    Upon reading her daughter's diary entry, Mrs. Brun 2 was “in shock” and informed the Bishop of her Church of what had happened. According to Mrs. Brun's testimony, on the following Sunday defendant appeared “before the congregation and he said that he came from a d[y]sfunctional family and that he had a problem, and he had talked to the Bishop about it, and the Bishop was going to help him receive counseling.

    On March 5, 1991, Mrs. Brun contacted the police, and on March 17, 1991, Davis was arrested without incident by Lieutenant Terry Hazel (Hazel) of the Middletown police department.

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