was a former Idaho state senator and Mormon bishop in Idaho; in 1996, pleaded guilty to sexual battery for fondling an underage girl; was sentenced to 60 days in jail; given a withheld judgment: if he did not violate the terms of his probation, the felony conviction would be kept from his record

Case Summary

Furness was an Idaho state senator and LDS church member who served for a time as a Mormon ward bishop.

  1. Prosecutors say they have taped confession from Furness - Lewiston Tribune - 1996-06-11
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  2. Senator Pleads Guilty To Sexual Battery - Spokane Spokesman-Review - 1996-07-16
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  3. Rex Lyle Furness - obituary
    view source details | 26 Apr 2005 | Rexburg Standard Journal
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    Senator Pleads Guilty To Sexual Battery - Spokane Spokesman-Review - 1996-07-16
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    Rex Lyle Furness - obituary
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    Publisher: Rexburg Standard Journal
    Date published/accessed: 26 Apr 2005
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    Rex Lyle Furness, 81, died peacefully at his home in Grant, Sunday, April 24, 2005, after being diagnosed a short time ago with cancer.

    He was born Nov.18, 1923, in Sugar City, to Tobias Furness and Lucy Ricks Furness. He graduated from High School in Sugar City in 1941. He attended the southern branch of the University of Idaho and Ricks College.

    He enlisted in the Army Air Corps Dec. 7, 1942, in Salt Lake City, and received navigational training in Lubbock, Texas. He was stationed in Norwich, England, where he served as a navigator. After six missions, he was assigned as lead navigator for his squadron in the Second Air Division. He led his squadron on deep penetration and oil target missions into Germany. On three occasions, he led missions of 1,000 bombers, each with a crew of 10 men. He was amazed that a little Idaho farm boy led that many men into combat by stars and a pencil. As a squadron navigator, one of his responsibilities was keeping navigation instruments in working order. After 25 missions he received the Distinguished Flying Cross. He was discharged as a first lieutenant in November of 1945.

    After the war ended in Europe, he returned home and married [redacted by FLOODLIT] July 2, 1945, in the Logan Utah LDS Temple. He farmed in Terreton and Grant for many years. With his brother [redacted by FLOODLIT], they owned Furness Brothers Feed Co. in Terreton.

    During his life, he was active in the LDS Church and gave much political and community service. He lived in Arizona with his wife for 18 months, where he served as manager of the Many Farms Co-op on the Navajo, Indian Reservation. He supported many charitable projects in his life, including several in Guatemala. For the past 21 years he traveled to Guatemala to carry out projects. His last trip to Guatemala was in February, where he worked on a project to obtain medical equipment for a hospital serving babies born with AIDS.

    He felt his greatest accomplishments in life were his family.

    [remainder redacted by FLOODLIT]

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