was an LDS church member in Alabama; accused of sexual abuse; convicted; conviction was reversed on appeal

Case Summary

08/25/89 Alabama

LDS church member William W. Gillespie was “charged by separate indictments with four instances of first
degree sexual abuse and one instance of first degree sodomy. He was found by jury to be
guilty on three of the charges of first degree sexual abuse of little children.” “the prosecutor
asserted that “We believe we can show that the defendant was charged with incest with his
own daughter in a church court, and she (his wife) was aware of those charges. The result
of that is, he was excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”.

The Church records of excommunication were destroyed and the judge disallowed any
questions regarding his prior child abuse until witnesses ****jn from the Church, a church

  1. Opinion of the Court of Criminal Appeals of Alabama Gillespie v. State
    view source details | 12 Mar 2024 | judyrecords
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