was an LDS church member; pleaded guilty to child sexual abuse

Case Summary

04/06/84 Utah

Eric Hacking was “Found guilty of sexual abuse to a child which is first degree felony

in the state of Utah. This abuse happened at Camp Maple Dell Boy Scout Camp Friday
evening July 29,1983.” “Page 12- 08-04-83- The BSA is notified that Eric Hacking of Orem
Utah was accused of a 591 (child abuse) and it is concluded that the BSA will “hold name
for future pending-Will send in.”

Pagel 0-1 0-03-83 BSA reaches out to the Scout Executive stating that “Over a month ago,
you called us concerning an individual by the name of Eric Hacking from Orem, Utah who
should not be registered with the Boy Scouts of America. Since that time we have heard
nothing from you.” In response: Fred R Day, scout executive states. “This case is still
pending- the trial-we will keep vou posted”

Page 11- April 6, 1984 a letter from the Scout executive Fred R Day to the BSA details the
results of the legal case against Hacking. The last paragraph was shocking. “Under the
circumstances, when Eric completes the sex offenders program, would he still be
prohibited from being involved in Scouting. We need your input and judgment.

Scoutingly, Fred R. Day Scout Executive

Page 9- On August 31, 1984 Hacking was placed on the BSA confidential files and removed
from his position in scouting, one year later.

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