was an LDS church member in Los Angeles, California; accused of sexual abuse; found guilty; local LDS church coverup alleged

Harvey Harper Case Summary

11/07/85 Los Angeles, CA

LDS Harvey W. Harper’s “oldest daughter, now 23 and living on the East Coast, also
testified against him at the trial. He was found guilty of one count of attempted incest
involving the older daughter and four counts of lewd conduct with the younger daughter,
who was under 14 at the time.”

The jury “deliberated “for three days, jurors found Harper guilty on five of six felonies with
which he was charged–one count of attempted incest with his older daughter, now 21, and
four counts of the more serious charge of molesting his younger daughter, now 15.”
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daughter testified that she didn’t initially report allegations that her father had modeled her
on the advice of her mother and a Mormon bishop.” Suspended Deputy Los Angeles

County District Attorney Harvey W. Harper, 50 of Rancho Cucamonga is charged with two
counts of attempted incest and four counts of lewd conduct with a child under age 14-a
daughter who is now 1 5. . . .She said her mother and a Mormon bishop had told her to
forget about the incidents.”

“Girl Says Mormon bishop told her not to report incest”, The
Associated Press

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