was an LDS church member; accused of sexual abuse; sentenced to prison

Case Summary

07/26/90 Washington

LDS Michael L. Hicks was placed on the BSA Confidential Files due to being “Arrested for
child abuse.” A news-clipping in the files reads, “A Yakima man has again received a
suspended prison sentence after being convicted a third time for sexually abusing
children Hicks was found guilty of molesting two foster children” but “An earlier incident
of committing indecent liberties in 1987 did not come to light until recently.”

  1. Michael L Hicks - Perversion Files - LA Times
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Mormon Sexual Abuse Map

International map of locations where active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints perpetrated or allegedly perpetrated sexual abuse or other sex crimes, or where LDS leaders failed or allegedly failed to help abuse survivors.