was an LDS church member in Mesa, Arizona; accused of sexual abuse; admitted to molesting 12 girls over a period of about 20 years

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2022-03-24: A source familiar with Judd’s case told FLOODLIT that Judd “He was a creepy guy” who “wanted lingering hugs and other uncomfortable shows of affection.”

Judd’s case arose in 1968 in Mesa, Arizona.

from Lisa Davis – “Sins of the Temple,” December 22-28. 1994: Larry Judd “always seemed to be involved in scouts and girls’ youth groups associated with an LDS church in Mesa. His involvement seemed natural; he was a teacher by profession. Of course, that involvement made a different kind of sense when he admitted to molesting 12 girls over a period of about 20 years. In what one church member described as “a letter writing campaign, the court considering his case received 45 letters of Judd’s behalf. Meanwhile, the family of one of his victims had to move from its home because of the turmoil in the neighborhood shared with Judd. Another mother told police, “It’s very difficult because he [Judd] comes from, you know, a strong family, good people and, you know, people just kind of keep insinuating to me, don’t, don’t rock the boat here, he’s a good man, you know.”

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