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11/23/09 Kansas

LDS Burrell Mohler Sr, his brother and his four sons were charged with 42 counts of child
sexual abuse. “But a church bishop, Paul Tonga, made the idiotic decision to investigate
the matter himself. The Star reported that Burrell Jr. was excommunicated from the LDS
church in 2007 for personal conduct unrelated to child sexual abuse.” “For its part, the
Mormon church has said Bishop Tonga should have consulted with church leaders, who
would have told him to notify the authorities.” In the early 1990s some of the grandchildren
reportedly went to their mother about the abuse, according to poice documents. Instead of
going to law enforcement, she told the head of her Mormon church. And nothing
happened.” MOHLER-Burrell Mohler 1.pdf “Investigators seized several dozen videotapes
from on Mohler son’s house”

MOHLER-Burrell Mohler2.pdf



httD://www.bishoo-accountabilitv.ora/news2009/11 12/2009 11 20 Hart 42Charaes.htm

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