was an LDS church member and scout leader in Orem, Utah; accused of sexual abuse; convicted and sentenced to prison

Case Summary

09/22/89 Orem, Utah

LDS Brian Richard Peterson was “charged with first degree felony on three counts of
sodomy on a child” and was placed on the BSA Confidential Filesin 1989 but in a document
in the Files labeled ‘Writeup on Brian Peterson dated September 22, 1989 it is stated that
“Between 1985 and the fall of 1988 multiple complaints had been filed against Brian with
the Council varying from verbal abuse to threatening hostile action to attempted child
abuse, but no formal complaints were ever filed with the authorities.” During his sentencing
in 1989, “District Judge Cullen Christensen said “Peterson was a poor candidate for sex
offender treatment, and had proven ‘He’s quite accomplished in this type of activity.” “ A
neighbor testified that Peterson bragged about his sexual exploits with male children and he
said to her that “I’ve had little boys all over the state of Utah in conjunction with the Boy
Scout program-give me an 11 year-old boy for a week, and I’ll make him a homosexual for

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