Richard Peterson Case Summary

05/01/93 Mesa, Arizona

LDS Richard Peterson, Although attending counseling with his bishop, Steven Smith, he
sexually abused a five year old.Verbatim from Lisa Davis’ “Sins of the Temple” Phoenix New

“Richard Peterson of Mesa, Arizona, was preparing to serve a mission when he was
arrested for fondling a five-year-old. According to a court-ordered psychological evaluation,
Peterson had spent the previous year counseling with his bishop, Steven Smith, over his
sexuality, about which he felt extremely guilty but about which he was simultaneously
obsessed. He watched an erotic movie, then, “frustrated and curious, chastised by his
bishop and church because of [anl indiscretion with his girlfriend, forbidden to masturbate,
he unfortunately turned to an innocent five-year-old girl.” The girl’s family received such “a
barrage of abuse” that they have moved twice and still use an unlisted telephone number.”

PETERSON-Richard Peterson.pdf

Lisa Davis “Sins of the Temple” December 22- 28 1994

Phoenix New Times

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