was an LDS church member and scout leader, with multiple charges of child sexual abuse over 6 years, convicted in the late 90s in Maryland, and is currently registered as a sex offender.

Case report

05/02/17 Boise, Idaho

LDS James Schmidt was Convicted of Lewd Conduct with a Minor in February, 1983 in Idaho, and again in October, 1996 in Maryland. Accused of molesting scouts in the 1970’s and 1980’s and on May 1st, 2017 another case was brought against the LDS Church and the Boy Scouts of America due to Schmidt’s sexual molestation of children.

07/21/85 – Idaho

LDS church member James Schmidt allegedly abused another child. The “case was filed in 2013, in which Schmidt is accused of abusing John Doe II according to the complaint. The Plaintiff stated “1 am outraged that the BSA and the LDS church did nothing to prevent Mr. Schmidt from raping me and the other boys.”

“the men say the LDS Church knew that some of its Scoutmasters and troop leaders had molested boys in the past and that it nevertheless continued to put boys in harm’s way.”

“The LDS…. and the Boy Scouts failed to remove abusers from the organization or notify police or parents, even after boys and their parents told them about cases of molestation or rape.”

In 1979 BSA “council Executive Rex Black first wrote national Scouting leaders about Schmidt” but”according to the May 13, 1981 letter… Black feared a public spectacle and had told Schmidt so in 1979, warning him a legal case would bring bad publicity to Schmidt and to the Scouts.”

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