was a Mormon church member; accused of sexual abuse

Wayne Sells Case Summary

04/01/88 South Carolina

LDS Wayne Sells was placed on the BSA Confidential file April 1 , 1 988 for “improper
relations with young boys.” but on December 14, 1987 in the Record was a “Child Sexual
Abuse Report” written by Joseph R. Patterson. “While making a sponsor head visit with

Bishop Carl J Sheperd, Woodruff, AZ 85042, Bishop of the Woodruff Ward, LDS Church,
which sponsors Pack, Troop, Team and Post 64, a discussion was held concerning the
problem of child sexual abuse. Bishop Sheperd indicated that a situation had arisen with
one of their leaders about two years earlier in which this man was holding and rubbing the
young Cub Scouts. He was remoeved from the position immediately and then he left the
area. 1 explained to Bishop Sheperd that this information needed to be passed on to the
National Office and entered into the computer in case he attempted to register in another

  1. Wayne Sells - Perversion Files - LA Times
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