was an LDS church member in Georgia; accused of sexual abuse

Charles Snider Case Summary

02/01/1987 – Georgia

LDS church member Charles Michael Snider was accused of sexual abuse.

“After defendant was found guilty but mentally ill with respect to child molestation, invasion of privacy, and cruelty to children charges, the Superior Court, Cherokee County, Gault, J., denied defendant’s motion for new trial. Defendant appealed.

The Court of Appeals, Andrews, J., held that:(1) evidence supported child molestation
conviction;(2) evidence supported invasion of privacy conviction; and (3) indictment
sufficiently apprised defendant of what he need to prepare to meet.” “K.S., who was 11 at
this time and beginning to develop physically, began to see Snider completely **571
unclothed lying on the bed or standing in the doorway of his bedroom, sometimes touching
his genital area. She reported this to her mother who talked to Snider about it. He admitted
that he had done this, and Mrs. Snider talked to church elders who counseled with Snider.”

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