was a Mormon church member and scout leader in Idaho; accused of sexual abuse; a local Mormon bishop recommended him for a scout leader position, reportedly because "he feels he is completely rehabilitated"

Case Summary

12/09/88 – Idaho

LDS church member Mark A Swanson was placed on the BSA Files on December 9, 1988, but a request from LDS Bishop Matthews to register him in scouts was sent to BSA for approval.

A letter from Scott Johnson to Bishop Darwin Matthews in the file reads as follows:

“Dear Bishop Matthews; Based on the BSA Adult application form submitted for Mark A. Swanson, he is not eligible for a position in the Boy Scouts of America. Since you approved the Application and the Application was submitted to the Teton Peaks Council by your organization, I would prefer that you inform Mr. Swanson of this decision.”

Then a note on the Adult Application in the file reads, “Scott, Bishop Matthews is recommending this man for a scout leader position. He feels he is completely rehabilitated.”

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