was an LDS church member and scout leader in Slaterville, Weber County, Utah; pleaded guilty to child sexual abuse; sentenced to six years to life in prison; released on parole on March 2008

Case Summary

04/01/73 Utah

LDS Robert Michael Tubbs, letter from assistant scout executive “1 told him that 1 had
helped him years ago get back into Scouting”. On 17 February 1994, Robert Michael

Tubbs, age forty-two, of Slaterville, Utah, was sentenced to a prison term of six years to life
and ordered to pay therapy costs for sixteen boys he sexually abused between June 1991
and August 1992 when he was a Boy Scout leader in his local Mormon ward. Investigation
began in May 1993 when a Mormon bishop reported that he had received a letter from a
boy saying Tubbs had molested him. Tubbs admitted to the deputy that he had been
molesting boys since the early 1970s. In 1985, he had been assistant Scoutmaster in 1985;
he was stripped of his Scout membership after an allegation of sexual abuse in 1990. No
charges were pressed for lack of evidence, but Tubbs was told “never to take part in
scouting activities again and told to receive counseling by scouting officials.” He transferred
activities from his ward in Slaterville to nearby Harrisville; the crimes for which he was
convicted occurred with Harrisville Scouts.”

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