was an LDS bishop in Nampa, Idaho; was removed from his position in 2021 after child sexual abuse allegations surfaced; was charged with four sex crimes; pleaded guilty to one felony count; sentenced in 2022 to prison

About Dylan Whiting

Dylan Whiting Mormon Sex Crime Case Summary

Whiting was once the bishop of the Nampa 30th Ward in the Nampa Idaho East stake of the LDS church.

Allegations against Whiting as described in two Mormon Stories podcast episodes:

– Subsequent Bishop and Stake President both allegedly tried to cover up the story about the abuse.
– When the abuse was reported to ward members and the local press by a member of Whiting’s ward, they were allegedly threatened with discipline.
– Allegedly, when members of Whiting’s ward appeared on Mormon Stories (episodes 1550 and 1551) explaining the full detail of what they’d been through, members of the stake high council and bishoprics resigned.

“According to an affidavit from the Nampa Police Department, the two individuals in Whiting’s case are known to him personally rather than through his church involvement.”

court case information:

CR14-21-06745 | State of Idaho Plaintiff, vs. Dylan Kevin Whiting Defendant.

Case Number

Canyon County District Court

File Date

Case Type

Whiting, Dylan Kevin
    Description Statute Level Date
1 Children-Lewd Conduct with Child Under 16 I18-1508 Felony 12/31/2011
2 Child Sexual Abuse of a Minor Under 16 Years of Age I18-1506 Felony 12/31/2011
3 Children-Lewd Conduct with Child Under 16 I18-1508 Felony 05/20/2014
4 Child Sexual Abuse of a Minor Under 16 Years of Age I18-1506 Felony 05/20/2014

2022-01-26 felony sentence:
Type: State Prison
Facility: Idaho Department of Correction
Effective Date: 01/26/2022
Determinate: 3 Years
Indeterminate: 7 Years
Retained Jurisdiction: 365 Days
Pre-Sentence Credit for Time Served
Credit Term: 4 Days

2022-10-31 amended felony sentence:
Type: County Jail
Facility: Dale Haile Detention Center
Effective Date: 10/31/2022
Determinate: 3 Years
Indeterminate: 7 Years
Penitentiary Suspended
Credit Term: 282 Days

Condition – Adult
1. Felony Probation, 5Y, 10/31/2022-10/31/2027, Active 10/31/2022
Comment: 10.31.22 Def placed on 5 yrs prob following rider

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Online sources excerpts

Videos: Dylan Whiting Mormon sex crime case

    • Video title: Mormon Stories 1550: Speaking Out When a Mormon Bishop Abuses Children - Kolby & Cami Reddish
    • Video description: "Joining us on the podcast today are Kolby and Cami, a married couple from Idaho whose life and faith were shaken when their bishop was convicted and sent to prison for sexually abusing children. We discuss the moves the local leadership made that shocked them, including praising the former bishop in front of his victims to the entire ward congregation. This is one of the most important stories that highlight the LDS culture of conforming to authority vs following one’s conscience and the fallout of doing the latter. We applaud Kolby and Cami (and other members of their Idaho stake) for trying to protect children and telling this story today. In part two we’ll be discussing how these events affected their faith in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a whole."
    • Video title: Mormon Stories 1551: How a Mormon Bishop's Sexual Abuse Affected our Faith - Kolby & Cami Reddish
    • Video description: "After an epic retelling of their time trying to protect the children in their Idaho home ward, Cami and Kolby give us a look into how that ordeal changed their faith in the Mormon church in this epic second part of their interview."


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