was a Mormon church member; accused of sexual abuse; allegedly molested a boy for three years

Case Summary

12/05/90 Utah

LDS Keith G. Williams in the LDS Clinton 2nd Ward in Clearfield Utah was denied BSA
registration for “suspected Sexual Child Abuse.” A letter from the victim’s parents states
that his son, “was sexually molested by his scout leader Keith G. Wiliams starting at age
eleven for a period of three years. This report has been made to the police with a
subsequent confession received from Mr.. Williams just last week. (dated Dec 5, 1990). In a
letter written by the perpetrator detailing his repentance process he states, “1 disclosed the
details of my actions to my Bishop, and then to my stake President just prior to our Temple
marriage. We worked through the Spiritual repentance process , before our wedding.”

  1. Keith G Williams - Perversion Files - LA Times
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