was an LDS church member in California; imprisoned for raping a five-year-old girl

George Willoughby Case Summary

02/21/85 California

LDS George F. Willoughby “second trial for various sexual offenses committed upon a
five-year-old girl, was convicted of sodomy, lewd and lascivious conduct, and rape…. At that
trial, the trial court admitted the testimony of another child that several years earlier,
defendant committed an uncharged sexual offense upon her.” Willoughby testifies “that as
an elder in the Mormon Church, he considered child molesting as morally reprehensible as
murder.” A number of character witnesses affirmed their belief in appellant’s (Willoughby’s)
honesty, integrity and dedication to the church and its principles. They found nothing in
appellant’s character to suggest he had the propensity to molest children.” Willoughby “was
sentenced to the aggravated term of eight years on each count, to run consecutive and full
term to each other, for a total of twenty-four years.”

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