was an LDS church member in Ontario, Canada; arrested and charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual interference
Personal information sources
  1. Global News (archive)
  2. Obituary of Douglas George Merrell Musson, Scott Musson's father - Legacy, 2017-12-18 (archive)
Other sources
  1. From an anonymous source: "His mission was served in Korea. His medical career went from 1996 and ended in 2001 when his license was revoked. The first abuse reported to the church of him was in 1988. However he was in charge of the young men's within four years of that report."

Scott Musson Case Summary

“Sixty-year-old Scott Musson, who is the son of a well-known Burlington homeowner whose Christmas lights display attracts massive annual crowds, was arrested on Saturday and charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual interference.

The alleged victim was a youth at the time of the assaults which occurred between 1997 and 1998.

At the time, Musson was a practicing doctor and involved with youth programs at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Burlington.”

The most recent Burlington victim reported that he turned to local Mormon church leaders for support, but that “it was never dealt with in the church at all.”

In 2001, Musson was stripped of his medical license for professional misconduct and incompetence, for sexually abusing four teenage boys.

Musson’s family was well known for many years in the Burlington area for their annual Christmas lights display at their home. In 2017, Musson’s father Doug fell to his death, and Musson became the public face of the display.

A poem called “Scott” was posted on the Musson family Christmas display website as of November 29, 2022, reading in part:

“You’re liked by everyone we know,
And held in high esteem.
It goes to show that long ago,
A special boy was seen.
In medicine you would excel,
A lifelong dream fulfilled.
You’ll have a bedside manner ,
That will really fill the bill.”

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  1. view source details | R. v. Musson (R.S.), (1996) 12 O.T.C. 315 (GD) - -
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Other sources excerpts
  1. R. v. Musson (R.S.), (1996) 12 O.T.C. 315 (GD) - -
Other sources excerpts
  • R. v. Musson (R.S.), (1996) 12 O.T.C. 315 (GD)

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