was a Mormon church member in Orem, Utah; sentenced in 2015 to 30 days in prison and 36 months of probation for felony child sexual abuse

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Pace was an LDS church member who was found guilty of child sexual abuse in 2015.

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From a Provo police probable cause statement in Pace’s case:

“5/14/2014 victim adult female [initials] complained to Provo police that her step-father Alan Pace had fondled her repeatedly prior to age 16 in Utah, by putting his hand under her shirt and touching her breasts. [Victim] reports this behavior started in Utah prior to age 14. [Victim]’s report of abuse was brought about by the circumstance of being present in a home with Alan Pace when he was caught looking down the shirt of his son’s girlfriend while she was sleeping on a couch. Defendant admitted to having done that when confronted. Later during a pre-text call with Defendant and [Victim], while not admitting, Defendant suggests [Victim] might want to participate in counseling he has just arranged for himself based upon being caught looking down his son’s girlfriends shirt. When pressed by [Victim] over the phone to admit that he had abused her, Defendant indicates a concern that how does he know their conversation is in private and she is not trying to get him in trouble?”

Pace’s discharge summary from 2017-09-30 states the following:

“Pace was convicted of sexually assaulting his 12-year-old stepdaughter who reported he touched her breasts on three occasions.”

While in therapy at a sex offender treatment program, Pace admitted to sexually assaulting his stepdaughter and step-granddaughter.

As of 2023, Pace was out of prison and living in Orem, UT.


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