was a Mormon bishop in Utah in the 1990s; admitted to having a lifelong sexual addiction with a preference for prepubescent girls; downloaded and distributed child pornography; in 2015, sentenced to 30 days in jail for felony voyeurism and misdemeanor lewdness; violated probation by downloading porn

Alan Croshaw Case Summary

While attending college at Utah State University in the 1960s, Croshaw served as LDS Student Association vice president. He later became the USU student body president.

Between at least 1991 and 1995, Alan Croshaw served as an LDS bishop in Springville, Utah.

According to Croshaw’s admission to police in 2014, he “had a sexual addiction with which he has struggled his whole life” and “preferred girls entering puberty.” He may have conducted numerous one-on-one private interviews with girls of his sexually preferred ages while serving as a Mormon bishop, while having a sexual addiction.

In 2010, Croshaw’s wife filed for divorce (Utah court cases 104401729, 104100160).

In 2015, Croshaw was found guilty of second-degree felony voyeurism and misdemeanor lewdness involving a child. He was sentenced to one to 15 years in the Utah State Prison for the felony conviction, but that prison term was suspended. He was also sentenced to up to five years in prison for the misdemeanor conviction, but that prison term was also suspended.

Croshaw was placed on probation for 36 months and ordered to serve 30 days in jail.

In January 2016, Croshaw violated his probation agreement by viewing pornography on his phone.

In February 2017, Croshaw completed his sex offender treatment program.

Thanks to your donations, FLOODLIT has obtained court documents in Croshaw’s case (Utah court case 141401636).

A police probable cause statement in Croshaw’s case reads:

“PROBABLE CAUSE STATEMENT: [officer], Utah County Sheriff’s Office, having probable cause to believe a crime was committed, submitted evidence in support of the filing of this Information:

“On April 16, 2014, police officers conducting an undercover Internet investigation into the distribution of child pornography found child pornography being shared from the Internet Protocol (IP) address of [IP address]. They downloaded parts of a digital video 45 minutes long entitled “.” Those portions depicted a prepubescent female with undeveloped breasts and genitalia posing nude. The person making the recording focuses the lens on her breasts, genitalia, and buttocks. Another portion depicts a naked adult male with an erect penis lying next to a naked prepubescent female. The downloaded portion ends with the girl on her knees and the adult male positioned behind her thrusting his pelvis against her.

“Further investigation showed that the IP address was registered and assigned to Alan Croshaw at his residence in Spanish Fork. Police obtained a search warrant for Mr. Croshaw’s house and computers, and executed it on May 28, 2014.

“While executing the warrant, Mr. Croshaw told police he had a sexual addiction with which he has struggled his whole life. He admitted using a computer “torrent” program to download pornographic files, including of underage girls. He told police he preferred girls entering puberty and searched for files using terms like “preteen,” “PTHC” (preteen hardcore), “11 year olds,” and “12 year olds.” When police asked him specifically about the file they downloaded from his IP address, he said he did not remember that one but had probably downloaded it.”

Several letters of support were submitted to the court in Croshaw’s case.

As of 2023, Croshaw lives in Draper, Utah.

from the Daily Herald on 2014-05-29:

“SPANISH FORK –A 68-year-old Spanish Fork man was arrested on suspicion of sexual exploitation of a minor after a Utah County Sheriff’s Deputy located an IP address offering to share child pornography. According to a police report, the deputy was able to connect to the IP address and download at least one video of child pornography.

The report states that the deputy obtained a subpoena for the IP address and found it returned to Alan Croshaw. After a search warrant and warrant was obtained, the deputy served the warrant at Croshaw’s home.

According to the police report, Croshaw was the sole resident of the home. During an interview, Croshaw admitted to searching for and downloading pornography, including the video downloaded from his IP address.

In the report, Croshaw stated he was suicidal and also told deputies he was planning on going to Guatemala in a few weeks for a service mission.

Croshaw was booked into the Utah County Jail.”

Croshaw’s brother also has an illicit sexual history. He cheated on his wife with prostitutes while on business trips. He later confessed to her, and they formed a sexual addiction recovery organization.

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