was a Mormon church member; pleaded guilty of sexual abuse on a child under the age of 14, a second degree felony

Case Summary

Lamar Woodbury was charged with sexual abuse.

what they were accused of: 76-5-404.1 sexual abuse of a child/2nd degree felony
when they were accused: October 28, 2019
what they accused of doing: Upon the parents’ return, they learned that Woodbury allegedly entered a bedroom and performed a sex act on the child. When confronted with the allegations, the parents told officers that Woodbury “broke down and cried” and then admitted to touching the child inappropriately but denied performing any other sexual acts.

the results of any civil or criminal cases against them: As part of the plea deal, the prosecution agreed to not include a prison sentence as part of the state’s recommendation after consulting with the victim’s family, but they did recommend that Group A conditions be ordered in the case — including the lifetime sex offender registry requirement — since the offenses involved a child. The prison term of 1-15 years for each of the counts was suspended in the case, along with $38,000 in fines. Instead, Woodbury was sentenced to serve a year in county jail. The defendant was also placed on 48-months supervised probation through Adult Probation and Parole and was ordered to comply with all terms of his probation upon his release, requirements that include completing sex-offender therapy, submitting to random polygraph examinations, adherence to a curfew, maintaining full-time employment, as well as a number of other release conditions. He is also required to register as a sex offender for life.

  1. St. George man charged with sexually abusing juvenile
    view source details | 4 Nov 2019 | Gephard Daily
  2. Washington City man convicted of sexual abuse of a child sentenced to jail
    view source details | 26 Oct 2020 | St. George News
  3. Lamar Woodbury Offender Profile
    view source details | 7 Nov 2023 | Offender Radar
Sources excerpts
  • St. George man charged with sexually abusing juvenile
    Source type: News article
    Publisher: Gephard Daily
    Date published/accessed: 4 Nov 2019
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    ST. GEORGE, Utah, Nov. 4, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A St. George man was arrested after allegedly sexually abusing a juvenile he was babysitting.

    A probable cause statement from the 5th District Court in St. George said Lamar H. Woodbury, 65, is facing charges of sodomy on a child, a first-degree felony, and aggravated sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony.

    On Oct. 28, the arresting officer received reports of a sex offense that occurred in Washington City, on or around Oct. 18, the statement said. The complainant reported that he and his wife were on vacation and their children were being cared for by various family members. When they returned home from their vacation the victim told the mother that the male suspect, identified as Lamar Woodbury, entered the victim’s bedroom and engaged in oral sex, the statement said.

    A forensic interview was scheduled for the juvenile victim for the following day at the Children’s Justice Center.

    “Prior to the interview I met with the complainant, who advised that he confronted Woodbury about the allegations. The complainant stated that Woodbury’s wife was with them as they met.”

    According to the complainant Woodbury “broke down and cried” when he was confronted about the allegations.

    On Oct. 31, the arresting officer met with Woodbury’s attorney, who advised him that his client would not be providing any details about the incident. The attorney was advised Woodbury was going to be arrested for sodomy of a child and aggravated sexual abuse of a child. He requested Woodbury be allowed to turn himself in at Purgatory Correctional Facility. I agreed to that and met Woodbury in the parking lot of PCF. At that time I placed Lamar under arrest for the above listed charges.

    “The victim in this incident is under the age of 14 years old,” the statement said. “Lamar was also in a position of trust over the juvenile due to him being the babysitter while the victim’s parents were out of town.”

    The felony was committed when Woodbury was out on probation or parole.

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    Washington City man convicted of sexual abuse of a child sentenced to jail
    Source type: News article
    Publisher: St. George News
    Date published/accessed: 26 Oct 2020
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    Lamar Woodbury Offender Profile
    Source type: News article
    Publisher: Offender Radar
    Date published/accessed: 7 Nov 2023
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