was a Mormon church member, school music teacher and Tabernacle Choir member; convicted in 2021 in Utah of first degree felony attempted aggravated child sexual abuse

Melvin Hansen case details

born: 1952
alias Mel Hansen

2023: is in prison in Utah

Melvin Hansen was a school teacher and Mormon Tabernacle Choir member.

He was accused in Utah and Arizona. In November 2021, Hansen was convicted in Utah of attempted aggravated sexual abuse of a child.

Arizona case number: CR202200875 – that case is currently stayed of 2023-04-08.

Hansen was married in the Manti, Utah LDS temple on December 27, 1974.

He was a member of the “Motab” or Mormon Tabernacle Choir, since renamed the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, from 2008 to 2013.

Hansen taught for years as a music teacher at one or more schools in Snowflake, Arizona.

As of April 2023:

Offender Number: 252639

from 12News:

“SNOWFLAKE, Ariz. — A former teacher from Snowflake, Arizona is now facing child sex abuse charges for allegedly assaulting a child relative nine years ago.

12 News has learned that the current charge isn’t the first time Melvin Hansen has been accused of sexually abusing a child.

Hansen is facing three charges of aggravated child sexual abuse out of Utah, where the alleged abuse of his relative is believed to have occurred.

“It’s been really hard on her, I mean she’s really become a changed person because of this,” John, the victim’s father said.

12 News is only identifying John by his first name to protect his daughter.

John said his daughter told him that Hansen, an older relative, sexually assaulted her only six months ago.

“I’m angry, I’m mad,” John said.

Hansen is a longtime, former teacher of Snowflake Unified School District.

The superintendent, Hollis J. Merrell, told 12 News that Hansen taught in the district for 27 years and retired in 2007.

“He does a great job of looking like the type of person that would never do this,” John said.

However, while Hansen was still a teacher, 12 News has learned Snowflake Taylor Police Department investigated him in 2003 and 2006.

Snowflake Taylor Police Department said Hansen is considered a person of interest in the 2006 case, which is related to child sex abuse.

However, the department said those cases were closed. Information on the victim or victims of that case was not released by the department.

“Back then, we didn’t believe it, we just thought there’s no way that man is capable of that,” John said.

The Snowflake Taylor Police Department said the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office is reopening those cases after John’s daughter’s case came to light.

John is now hoping any other potential victims will come forward.

“Your story is going to be believable now,” John said.

Hansen has been extradited from Snowflake to Utah. Records show Hansen is being held in the Salt Lake County Jail without bail.

12 News did contact Hansen’s attorney for comment but has not heard back.

John is still wanting to see Hansen held accountable, despite the time that’s passed since the alleged abuse.

“This is a pattern in his life that has gone on for decades and I don’t think he’ll stop,” John said.”

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We don't know whether the accused served a full-time LDS mission.

We don't know whether the accused was married in an LDS temple.

LDS church positions: Other leader Tabernacle Choir member
LDS church positions at the time of alleged crime(s):
LDS church positions at the time of being accused:
  • Alleged failure to report by local LDS leaders? unknown
  • Alleged misconduct by local LDS leaders? unknown
  • Alleged misconduct by global LDS leaders? unknown

We don't know whether the LDS church paid any settlements in this case.


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