was a Mormon church member in Tooele, Utah; worked for the FBI; accused in 2022 of sexual abuse of several girls; as of April 2023, case is still underway in the Utah court system

Robert Smith case details

born: 1957
alias Bob Smith

Robert Smith was an FBI employee in Utah who was accused in 2022 of sexually abusing several girls.

He was initially charged on August 25, 2022 in Tooele County, Utah with four felonies and six misdemeanors related to child sexual abuse.

From KSLTV on August 29, 2022:

“STANSBURY PARK, Utah — A Utah man, who is also an employee of the FBI, has been arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse.

Robert Alexander Smith, 65, was arrested at his home in Stansbury Park and booked into the Tooele County Jail after an investigation by the county sheriff’s office that included interviews with up to five minor girls who said they were victims of Smith.

“He was booked on four counts of aggravated sex abuse of a child without incident,” court documents state.

Smith is an employee of the FBI. In a statement, the FBI said the possible misconduct has been referred to the bureau’s internal affairs department in the following statement:

“We are aware of the arrest of an FBI employee. The FBI takes allegations of misconduct very seriously. As such, the incident has been referred to the FBI’s Internal Affairs Section. We cannot comment further on an ongoing personnel matter.”

Smith’s specific role with the FBI was not immediately clear.

An affidavit of probable cause filed in 3rd District Court in Tooele said the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a possible sex offense case that involved several girls. In June one girl spoke to the person who filed the complaint to report something “very uncomfortable.” The girl told the trusted person that Smith had touched her sexually, multiple times, two years before she spoke up about it. She said she was 6 or 7 years old when the abuse took place.

The complainant individually spoke with other minor girls who were in close contact with Smith. The girls ranged in age from pre-teen to high-school aged and reportedly, each of the girls became emotional and started crying when asked if anything inappropriate had happened with Smith.

Each of the girls was interviewed at a Children’s Advocacy Center and recorded. Each of the girls reported inappropriate touching, including some who reported genital touching.

“Mr. Smith occupied a position of special trust as it pertains to the victims in this case,” documents state. He was described as a caregiver and was said to have authority over the girls.

On Aug. 24 law enforcement contacted Smith at his home. He declined to speak with law enforcement about the accusations and was placed into custody without incident, documents state.”

From FOX 13 Now on August 30, 2022:

TOOELE, Utah — A man who works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation was arrested last week and charged with molesting multiple children.

Robert Alexander Smith, 65, faces four 1st-degree felony counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child, four class-A misdemeanor counts of lewdness involving a child, and two class-B misdemeanor counts of lewdness.

According to court documents, Smith was arrested after a young girl told her mom in June that she wanted to talk about something “very uncomfortable.” She said that on multiple occasions, Smith had forced her to touch him inappropriately under his clothes in 2020.

Forensic interviews were then conducted with the girl, as well as four other girls who said Smith had engaged with them in inappropriate ways. One of the girls said Smith forced her to do the same thing as he did with the first victim, and three other girls said Smith had touched them inappropriately under their clothing.

The arrest report states that Smith “occupied a position of special trust as it pertains to the victims in this case.”

The alleged abuse occurred at Smith’s home in Stansbury Park at the time. He now resides in Tooele, according to court records.

Smith was arrested Wednesday and charged in court the following day. He was ordered to be held without bail.

A spokesperson with the FBI’s Salt Lake City Division told FOX 13 News they were aware of Smith’s arrest and that the agency takes “allegations of misconduct very seriously.”

From the Tooele Transcript Bulletin on August 31, 2022:

“Local FBI employee arrested for child sexual abuse offenses

Robert Alexander Smith, a 65-year-old Federal Bureau of Investigation employee who lives in Stansbury Park, was recently arrested for four counts of sexual abuse of a child.

The Tooele County Sheriff’s Office received a report on June 17 of a sex offense case involving several female children.

The complainant, who resides out of state, reported that she was approached by her 9-year-old daughter on June 8, who wanted to tell her something “very uncomfortable,” according to a probable cause statement written by the arresting officer.

The 9-year-old told her mother that she was sexually assaulted by “Uncle Bob” while at his home in Stansbury Park. She told her mother the assault had taken place approximately two years ago.

The mother then approached her 17-year-old step-daughter, her 24 year-old daughter, her 14 year-old step daughter, and her 12 year-old daughter and asked them if anything inappropriate had occurred between them and their uncle.

The woman reported that each daughter became emotional and started crying. She also reported that each daughter nodded their head yes when they were asked.

The woman reported that Smith was her father’s sister’s husband, making him her uncle and the great uncle to her daughters and step-daughters.

Due to the reports, forensic interviews were conducted with each child.

After interviews, where the four children described what had happened between them and their uncle, an investigation was conducted and Smith was arrested on Aug. 24 without incident. He was transported to the Tooele County Jail where he was booked on four counts of aggravated sex abuse of a child, first-degree felonies.

Smith’s specific employment with the FBI was not clear as of Tuesday morning.”

We don't know whether the accused served a full-time LDS mission.

We don't know whether the accused was married in an LDS temple.

LDS church positions:
LDS church positions at the time of alleged crime(s):
LDS church positions at the time of being accused:
  • Alleged failure to report by local LDS leaders? unknown
  • Alleged misconduct by local LDS leaders? unknown
  • Alleged misconduct by global LDS leaders? unknown

We don't know whether the LDS church paid any settlements in this case.


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