was an LDS church member and BYU student in Provo, Utah; found guilty in 2012 of forcible sexual abuse

Case Summary

from KSL on February 1, 2012:

“PROVO — A former BYU student who is accused of molesting two roommates faces charges of forcible sex abuse.

Court documents indicate Antonio Rubalcaba Lacy, 18, inappropriately touched a roommate at least three times last year while the victim was asleep. Lacy is accused of doing the same thing three times to another roommate in 2012.

The documents state Lacy confessed verbally and in a written statement after a two-hour meeting with his LDS bishop.
Charging documents:
“After meeting with his bishop for two hours, the defendant issued a verbal and handwritten confession to engaging in each of these acts.”

Lacy, who is from Monterey, Calif., no longer attends BYU. He is charged with six second-degree felonies for forcible sexual abuse.

He was never arrested or forced to spend time in the Utah County Jail. Instead, he was given a summons, which required him to report at the jail to be fingerprinted and have a booking photo taken.

Lacy is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 23.”

  1. Former BYU student charged with sex abuse
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