was a Mormon bishop in Pleasant Grove, Utah; found guilty of class A misdemeanor voyeurism; secretly recorded underage girls; the crime occurred while he was serving as bishop

About Keith Price

  • Latest update: 2023: registered sex offender; lives in American Fork, Utah;
  • born 1956
  • alias(es): Bishop Price
  • LDS mission: unknown | Add info

  • LDS temple marriage: yes

  • Criminal case result:

Ties to LDS leaders/power: Bishop

Keith Price Mormon Sex Crime Case Summary

Keith Price was an LDS bishop in Pleasant Grove, Utah who was caught secretly recording underage girls. He was convicted of a Class A misdemeanor charge of voyeurism.

According to multiple sources familiar with the case, Price allegedly attempted suicide in or shortly before June 2017 by jumping off his roof, but failed. A GoFundMe fundraiser was started soon after that to offset Price’s medical bills.

Price’s LDS temple marriage ended in divorce.

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Online sources
  1. Keith Price Medical Fund
    view source details | 22 Jun 2017 | GoFundMe
  2. Keith Richard Price
    view source details | 22 Aug 2023 | icrimewatch.net
Online sources excerpts
  • Keith Price Medical Fund
    Source type: Website
    Publisher: GoFundMe
    Date published/accessed: 22 Jun 2017
    archive 1 | archive 2

    This gofundme account is set up for Keith Price. Keith lives in Pleasant Grove [redacted notes about his family].

    On Thursday, June 15th Keith had an accident that will dramatically change his life for quite some time. On that day, he decided to get up on the roof to take down the long awaited Christmas lights. While on the roof, 2nd story, he somehow lost his balance and fell the 2 stories down onto the concrete below. While extremely lucky on one hand that he didn't receive more injuries, he did receive the following: shattered heel bone, cracked pelvic bone, several broken ribs including a crack along the sternum, cracked skull, and some deep cuts that required staples to close.

    Along with these injuries 2 surgeries are required. He will need surgery on the broken pelvic bone and on his shattered heel. It is anticipated he will be in the hospital for a few weeks and medical expenses are adding up quickly. Anything to help relieve the stress and bills is greatly appreciated. Weeks in the hospital with two surgeries it anticipated to be an enormous bill. While they do have insurance, the out of pocket will still be thousands of dollars. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your help and willingness relieve some of their stress at this time.

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    Keith Richard Price
    Source type: Website
    Publisher: icrimewatch.net
    Date published/accessed: 22 Aug 2023
    archive 1 | archive 2

    Name: Keith Richard PRICE Registration #: 4063651
    Status: Active

    Physical Description
    • Age: 67 (DOB: [redacted] 1956) • Height: 6'01''
    [redacted physical description]

    American Fork, UT 84003
    View Map
    Other Known Addresses
    • Description: 76-9-702.7 - VOYEURISM/CLASS A MISDEMEANOR
    • Date Convicted: 01/24/2018
    • Conviction State: Utah
    • Release Date:
    • Details: J&C STATES: Voyeurism by Electronic Equipment Concealed or Disguised Class A Misdemeanor
    • Counts: 2


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