was an LDS church member in Idaho; accused of sexual abuse

Case Summary

Robert Thomas Bunker was an LDS member in McCammon, Idaho.  According to a family member of a victim, Bunker as a 14/15 year old in 2004-2005 abused 3 minors.  They told us a restraining order was placed against Bunker because he continued to be around a victim at church serving the sacrament.  Bunker was convicted in 2006 of LEWD CONDUCT WITH MINOR CHILD U/16 and is currently a registered sex offender in Idaho.  In 2009 Bunker pleaded guilty of Contempt of Court charge, presumably for violating the terms of his probation.  He was ordered to serve 33 days in jail for this offense.

Floodlit recognizes Bunker was a minor when he committed these sex abuse crimes.  However, since Bunker is an adult and a judge saw fit to keep him as a registered sex offender, Floodlit feels it is appropriate to list Bunker in our database.



CR-2009-12826 | State of Idahovs. Robert Thomas Bunker

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Judicial Officer
Murray, Bryan K.

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1.ZZZ DO NOT USE SupProbationPRIORTO 7/1/18, cannot be in McCammon Idaho – cannot be around juveniles except at work if supervised by adults- complete recommended treatment as requested by probation – sex offender treatment – register as a sex offender , 2Y, 09/02/2009-09/02/2011, Closed 06/29/2011

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