was an LDS church member in Purvis, Mississippi; served as second counselor in an LDS ward bishopric, and as scoutmaster; accused of sexual abuse

Case Summary

Lawsuit alleges child molestation in Columbia, Mississippi man who claims he was molested as a child by a Boy Scout leader is suing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jason Dunaway, 24, is seeking $25 million and claims in his lawsuit that the Mormon church did nothing to prevent sexual attacks on him by scout master Peter Brackner of Purvis. Dunaway said a Mormon leader was told of the alleged sexual misconduct but did nothing. Dunaway was part of a boy scout troop sponsored by the Columbia Mormon church, according to his lawsuit filed Tuesday in Lamar County Circuit Court. He claims in the lawsuit that the molestation began when he was 11 years old in 1985. A similar lawsuit was filed this spring by a relative of Dunaway’s. John Clark, a Jackson attorney who has represented the Mormon church, said the church “abhors sexual abuse, spousal abuse, any kind of abuse.”

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