was an LDS church member in Boise, Idaho; charged with sexual battery; took plea deal for battery; RN license revoked because of sexual of the abuse

Case Summary

Brad Lee West was a mormon in Boise, Idaho. Brad was arrested at his place of employment reportedly at St. Lukes Hospital in Boise Idaho, where he worked as a nurse, he was charged with sexual battery. He was placed under investigation by DOPL which says in their report Brad admits to groping a teenage girls breast while she slept 10 times when she was between the ages of 15-17. Though DOPL also says further investigations indicates that Brad started abusing the minor between the ages of 12-13 years of age. Brad West took a plea deal to battery and was sentenced to 180 days prison, though 180 days were suspended. He also received 2 years of probation. Had his RN license revoked in June 24, 2012. He then moved to Utah where he took a sexual offender treatment class required by DOPL to work towards earning his RN license back. It also states in the DOPL report Brad says he voluntarily sought assistance for his deviant behavior, but evidence shows that was only after his wife and bishop learned about the abuse.

Case Information

CR-FE-2012-2674 | State of Idaho vs. Brad Lee West

Case Number

Ada County Magistrate Court

Judicial Officer
Steckel, Daniel L.

File Date

Case Type

Case Status
Closed – After Judgment

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    view source details | 12 Feb 2012 | Idaho State Court
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