was a Mormon church member in Idaho Falls, Idaho; charged with Lewd Conduct with Child Under 16 in April 2024; was also accused in 2022 by the same victim

Case Summary

Isaac Vernon Mardis was a mormon in Idaho Falls, Idaho. In 2022 a 10 year old victim reported to police that Mardis was touching her inappropriately. The policeman’s advice was to tell the mother to move away and keep the victim from Mardis. They moved back to Idaho Falls September 2022. In 2023 the mother was having trouble finding housing Idaho in Idaho falls. So she moved her and her daughter back into a home of family relatives of Mardis, where Mardis was also living. The mother claims they never let Mardis be alone with the victim, but the victims says she was assaulted in front of a sleeping relative in the house. Charges were brought against Mardis of Lewd Conduct with Child Under 16. A preliminary hearing will be held April 12, 2024.

Case Information

CR10-24-02860 | State of Idaho Plaintiff, vs. Isaac Vernon Mardis Defendant.

Case Number

Bonneville County Magistrate Court

Judicial Officer
Clerk, Magistrate Court

File Date Case Status Active – Pending Case Type Criminal

Mardis, Isaac Vernon
Description Statute Level Date
1 Children-Lewd Conduct with Child Under 16 I18-1508 Felony 03/08/2023

  1. Man arrested after 12-year-old reportedly tells teacher about sexual abuse
    view source details | 4 Apr 2024 | East Idaho News
Sources excerpts
  • Man arrested after 12-year-old reportedly tells teacher about sexual abuse
    Source type: News article
    Publisher: East Idaho News
    Date published/accessed: 4 Apr 2024
    archive 1 | archive 2

    IDAHO FALLS — A 47-year-old man was arrested after a 12-year-old girl reportedly told her teacher she was being sexually abused.

    Isaac Vernon Mardis was charged with one count of felony lewd conduct with a child.

    According to court documents, on March 8, Bonneville County Sheriff’s deputies learned a 12-year-old girl had told her elementary school teacher that a man, identified as Mardis, had been touching her inappropriately.

    The victim reported that after she disclosed the abuse to her teacher, she spoke to a school counselor who called the police.

    A deputy responded to the school and made arrangements to bring the child to the Idaho Falls Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center (DVSAC) for a forensic interview.

    In reports, the deputy says he was familiar with the situation because the victim had previously disclosed the same kind of inappropriate touching by Mardis two years earlier.

    During the forensic interview, the deputy discussed the previous report and said the victim’s mother was told she needed to keep the victim away from Mardis. The mother moved the victim out of the area, but they returned to Idaho Falls in September 2022.

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