was an LDS church member in Utah; accused of sexual abuse

Blake Mendenhall Case Summary

Note: Blake Mendenhall was not an active LDS member at the time of his alleged sex crimes, according to our sources.

However, FLOODLIT has decided to publish this listing in accordance with our posting policy, due to the nature of the case and the possibility that there may be more victims.

If you have any information about this case, please tell us.

Per FLOODLIT’s sources, Mendenhall was never arrested, even though Lehi police have video evidence of the assault. He allegedly roofied both the victim and her husband, then took the victim to the area of sexual assault during the early morning hours. Pharmacological testing showed high levels of Benadryl (5x) the normal amount in the victim’s system, according to our source.

Blake Mendenhall timeline:

  • Sent home early from his mission at 21 months for an unspecified offense.
  • 2010: Charged with theft. Pleaded guilty (class B misdemeanor), but it was held in abeyance. Mendenhall paid a fine over a period of a few months, and the case was then dismissed without prejudice.
  • late 2021 into 2022, he got divorced after his wife found out he had sexually assaulted her sister, according to our sources. The assault was recorded on video, and his wife saw portions of the video and moved out of the home in December 2021, per our sources.
  • The Lehi police have the interview of the victim and husband, as well as the video of the assault, plus family testimony of the accused’s behavior after the assault (immediate divorce, recorded conversation between the accused and his ex-wife, etc.).
  • Our sources tell us that the victim told the police in her interview that if her words can keep someone else from being a victim, then she has done her work.
  • Jan 2022, another protective order, again same person, this time granted

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