was a Mormon church member in Oregon and Utah; accused of sexual abuse

Case Summary

Doyle Kelstrom was an LDS church member who lived in Multnomah County, Oregon; Layton, Utah; and Brigham City, Utah.

4/11/1978: Kelstrom charged with Incest and Rape in the 3rd degree (child sexual abuse).

6/23/1978: Kelstrom sentenced to 1 year imprisonment and 5 years probation in accordance to his plea agreement in which he pleads guilty to incest.

12/24/1988: Kelstrom rapes a girl who is between the ages of 7-10.

4/29/1992: A case was filed and warrant for arrest issued against Kelstrom for rape of a child.

9/8/1992: Kelstrom enters a plea of guilty to Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a child to avoid going to trial for the rape charge. He is also registered as a sex offender at this time.

11/17/1992: Kelstrom is sentenced to 5 years to life in the Utah State Prison.

Summer of 2005: Kelstrom commits object rape against a 14-year-old relative.

A family member of one of Kelstrom’s victims said multiple LDS church leaders knew about the abuse but didn’t report to police.

Kelstrom was excommunicated but got rebaptized in 2005.

Kelstrom has been married at least eight times.

Mormon Sexual Abuse Map

International map of locations where active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints perpetrated or allegedly perpetrated sexual abuse or other sex crimes, or where LDS leaders failed or allegedly failed to help abuse survivors.


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