was a Mormon church member in Murray, Utah; In June of 2007 arrested for meeting with a girl he thought was a minor for kissing and fondling her; also possibly sexually abused 3 other minor girls

Case Summary

Spencer C. Turner was a mormon in Murray, Utah. Turner was arrested in a sting operation in June 2007. Turner had been communicating with what he believed was a 13 year old girl online. Turner asked the girl to meet him so he could kiss and fondle her, which was actually the arresting officer. Once he was arrested investigators learned Turner may have had sex with 2 other minor girls he met online, as well as a minor girl he met while running in his neighborhood.

According to our source after Turner’s arrest he was assigned as a home teacher to a family in his church ward. The source’s family was angry and uncomfortable with “having” to let Turner in their home.

We are unsure if Turner was ever charged with a crime.

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