was an LDS church member in Rexburg, Idaho; accused of breaking and entering women's apartments at BYU-Idaho and watching them sleep

Case Summary

Floodlit is including this listing into our database because the behavior described is similar to behavior described in other sex crime cases. Antreo Denny has not been charged with any sex crimes.

CR33-21-1159 | State of Idaho Plaintiff, vs. ANTREO MATEJIKO-CHARLES DENNY Defendant.

Case Number

Madison County Magistrate Court

Judicial Officer
Hunt, David

File Date

Case Type

Case Status
Active – Pending

Description Statute Level Date
1 Unlawful Entry I18-7034(1)M Misdemeanor 06/06/2021
2 Drug Paraphernalia-Use or Possess With Intent to Use I37-2734A(1) Misdemeanor 06/06/2021
3 Probation Violation – MD MPV Not Applicable 03/07/2022
4 Probation Violation – MD MPV Not Applicable 08/17/2023

  1. Apartment intruder suspect turns himself in
    view source details | 28 Jun 2021 | Standard Journal
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