was an LDS church member in New Mexico; accused of sexual abuse; allegedly said he would turn himself in to police; died by suicide

Case Summary

Curt Boyack was a LDS church member in New Mexico.

Mary (pseudonym) spoke with FLOODLIT and asked to remain unnamed. We decided to share her information after careful review.

Mary said Boyack sexually abused several underage male relatives, as well as a young girl who was in a daycare operated by a family member of Boyack.

Boyack agreed to turn himself into the police, Mary said, after two close male members of the family accused him of abuse.

Before Boyack turned himself in, his wife was away and Boyack died by suicide in his garage. Mary said Boyack did this to avoid investigation.

At the time, Mary said, Boyack was being investigated by the US Army Reserve regarding allegations of sexual abuse made by young reservists.

FLOODLIT is looking for any information regarding Curt Boyack. If you have any, please contact us.

Mormon Sexual Abuse Map

International map of locations where active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints perpetrated or allegedly perpetrated sexual abuse or other sex crimes, or where LDS leaders failed or allegedly failed to help abuse survivors.