was an LDS church member in Orem, Utah; accused of rape; recently extradited from Scotland; has a lengthy history of criminal behavior

Case report

Alahverdian was a mormon met a woman at mormon singles event and married her. Was married for 4 months when they separated and later divorced on the grounds of extreme cruelty.

‘Predatory past’ of Nicholas Alahverdian

Date unknown: Accused of abduction and sexual assault attempt in Massachusetts

2008: Convicted of two sexual assaults Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. In September 2008, he allegedly raped an ex-girlfriend in Orem, Utah – which led to his arrest in December 2021

2009: Allegedly stalks ex-girlfriend in Rhode Island after returning to state and failing to register as a sex offender

2010-11: Four women in Pawtucket, RI, file complaints against him. One was his first wife.

2015: Marries second wife in Ohio, but she complains of abuse and they divorce after seven months.

2017: Accused of fraud after taking out $200,000 in credit card & loans under his foster parent’s name in Ohio. He allegedly rapes a woman in Essex, England, the same year

February 2020: Fakes his own death of lymphoma, with unnamed ‘widow’ claiming Alahverdian had been buried at sea. In July, DNA links him to 2008 sex attack in Orem, Utah

December 2021: Arrested at hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, while intubated with COVID on suspicion of Utah sex attack

extradited back to Utah from Scotland 2024-01-05 to face charges of rape in 2018. Awaiting trial in Utah jail and possible federal charges.

Case facts

  • AKA Nicholas Rossi, Nicholas Brown Knight, Nicholas Alahverdian, Rossi, Nicholas Brown, Arthur Brown, Adam Smith, Professor Alistair Jones, Nicholas Alahverdian Rossi, Nicholas Edward Rossi, Nicholas Alahverdian-Rossi, Nick Alan, Nicholas Brown, Arthur Knight
  • Born: 1987
  • LDS mission: unknown
  • During alleged crime, lived in: Utah, Utah County (Utah),
  • Victims: Multiple victims,
  • Crime scenes: Unknown crime scene,
  • Crime years: 2000s,
  • Convicted in: 2000s, 2008,
  • Latest update: 2024: extradited to Utah from Scotland to face charges of rape

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Case information sources

  1. view source details | |
  2. 'Extreme cruelty': Ohio woman describes 7-month marriage to Nick Alahverdian
    view source details | 1 Feb 2022 | The Providence Journal

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