was an LDS church member in Ogden, Utah; found guilty in 1981 of forcible sexual abuse and 1991 of sex solicitation

Case Summary

Scott Fredrich Farr was a mormon in Ogden, Utah arrested and charged with forcible sexual abuse in the 3rd degree in 1981-03-31. Sentenced to the Utah State Prison not to exceed 5 years, placed on sexual offender program at the Utah State Hospital.

CASE NUMBER 911007277 Other Misdemeanor
Charge 1 – 11.16.020 – SEX SOLICITATION – Class B Misdemeanor
Offense Date: June 20, 1991
Plea: June 28, 1991 Guilty
Disposition: June 28, 1991 {Guilty Plea}

  1. Farr Says Not Guilty to Charge
    view source details | 8 Apr 1981 | Lakeside Review
  2. 7 Men Booked After Arrests
    view source details | 19 Jun 1975 | The Ogden Examiner
  3. Ogden Man, 22, Given Probation
    view source details | 9 Mar 1976 | The Ogden Examiner
  4. Scott Farr
    view source details | 31 Mar 1981 | Archives Utah Gov
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