Right now, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is running its annual Christmas season “Light the World” campaign, complete with downloads, videos and “giving machines.”

(Don’t forget the influencers, reporters and bloggers.)

The award-winning campaign, created by ad agency Boncom (key people), has a tagline that reads: “Let your let shine this Christmas season as you love the people around you, share joy, and follow the example of Jesus Christ.”

One way to love the people around you is to educate them about sex abuse in the LDS church.

I think all decent people, Mormon or not, want churches to be safe places for kids. (I bet most of us here have Mormon kids in our extended families.)

The same goes for people of all ages, but especially vulnerable people.

In that spirit, here are 50 ways you can #LightTheWorld with your loved ones this December.

  1. Tell them about the Mormon girl in California who sat alone in a courtroom, with only the adult who gave her a ride sitting with her, across from several LDS church members there to support her sexually abusive stepfather.
  2. Share with them how that girl went to her LDS bishop and told him she was being sexually abused by her stepfather, and how that bishop made her hug her abuser and tell him she forgave him, and sent her home with him, where he continued to abuse her.
  3. Tell them about the Mormon wife who asked a Utah judge to suspend her husband’s prison sentence for child sexual abuse, saying, “I don’t want to feel the judgement from my neighbors.”
  4. Share with them a Mormon sexual abuse database that launched a year ago today, that has case reports on over 600 people who were active Latter-day Saints when they allegedly sexually abused, assaulted or exploited others.
  5. Show them over 1,000 stories of LDS church members who were sexually mistreated during closed-door one-on-one conversations with their bishops.
  6. Tell them about the flood of survivor stories on social media by people who were sexually abused by Mormon church leaders and members.
  7. Share with them about 25+ Mormon bishops who, while working as bishops, sexually abused children.
  8. Let them know about a former Idaho city councilman who worked as an LDS bishop’s counselor, and who molested a girl for seven years, despite her repeated attempts to stop him from entering her bedroom at night.
  9. Tell them about how you helped get an LDS therapist and former bishop arrested for grooming and sexually assaulting a dozen or more men who came to him for help regarding their homosexuality.
  10. Show them a map of over 200 places where Mormon sex criminals lived, committed crimes, were arrested or spent prison time.
  11. Tell them about the former mayor of West Bountiful, Utah, who sexually abused at least four children over a period of decades.
  12. Tell them it’s not just a blip here, a blip there as Mormon church president Gordon Hinckley said in a televised interview in 1996. It’s a never-ending flood of destruction.
  13. Show them over 40 abuse survivor stories from people who were molested, groomed, inappropriately touched, raped or otherwise sexually abused by LDS church members.
  14. Tell them about the returned missionary who sexually abused three little girls repeatedly, and his LDS family who said, “What we felt had happened, though serious, was nothing that warranted a felony charge.”
  15. Share with them how a former BYU professor pleaded no contest to sexual battery charges involving three of his female students, and how one victim said he told her God inspired him to fondle her.
  16. Tell them about the Washington man who admitted to police that he had sexually abused multiple young boys, and how some of the abuse took place during church, in sacrament meeting, while he and his victims were surrounded by families.
  17. Show them how a former longtime VP of Deseret Trust (a Mormon church auxiliary) admitted to about 200-400 hours of child sexual exploitation, was sentenced to 160 days in jail, and violated probation.
  18. Tell them about the eight letters of support received by an Idaho judge in support of a Mormon man and former schoolteacher who groomed and raped a girl over a period of years.
  19. Tell them about Mormon apostle Bruce McConkie’s grandson, a former LDS stake president, and how he confessed sexual wrongdoing to a spiritual leader whose name is redacted in court documents, then allegedly continued to perpetrate sexual abuse on the child for years.
  20. Share with them the story of a Mormon missionary who was sent home early after being caught in a sting operation in Virginia, then allegedly sexually assaulted an underage girl in Idaho.
  21. Show them how an Arizona court dismissed a lawsuit against the Mormon church filed by the children of a Mormon church member whose confessions of abuse were kept secret from police for seven years by two Mormon bishops, as a defense of “clergy-penitent privilege.”
  22. Tell them about the 20 letters of support to a judge for a man who, while serving as a Mormon bishop, was caught in a human trafficking sting operation.
  23. Give them facts about how nearly 300 women have come forward saying a Mormon OB-GYN in Provo, Utah physically or sexually abused them during office visits.
  24. Teach them 4 simple steps to find convicted sex offenders in their local LDS ward/branch.
  25. Show them that current Mormon church president Russell Nelson took time in general conference to praise a former top LDS church lawyer and former stake president who was caught soliciting a 19-year-old sex worker.
  26. Talk with them about how an attorney at the Utah Crime Victims Legal Clinic said, “In the 32 years that I have been a prosecutor, I have never once seen a victim be spoken for by their bishop or church leader. Not once.”
  27. Show them facts about instances in which the LDS church has been ordered by a court to pay victims in civil lawsuits who were sexually abused by Mormons.
  28. Tell them that sometimes, sexual abuse victims who report the abuse to their Mormon bishops end up discovering that their own church membership records have been marked (“annotated”) to prevent them from working with children.
  29. Share with them that, in 2022, the number of Mormons convicted of sexual abuse in the US alone was greater than the number of Mormon wards created worldwide.
  30. Tell them how the son of a Mormon church president solicited a police decoy prostitute, settled a sexual harassment lawsuit and later became a singles ward bishop and a Kirton McConkie (LDS law firm) shareholder.
  31. Share with them that they can listen to a 30+ hour marathon podcast livestreamed during LDS general conference in October 2022, in which over 500 Mormon sex abuse cases were reported one by one.
  32. Tell them about a former Mormon bishop and stake presidency member who was sentenced to prison for child sexual abuse, and how he was an LDS bishop at the time of his arrest.
  33. Give them the story of a Utah Mormon man sentenced to jail and probation for using child sexual abuse material (CSAM – a more descriptive term than child pornography) for 20 years, who said he was inspired by Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad and accidentally found CSAM while researching child trafficking.
  34. Tell them about Tim Ballard, then tell them some more.
  35. Tell them about Harold Hillam, who didn’t report an Idaho scout leader’s alleged child sexual abuse to police, but suspended his BSA registration instead, and later became a Mormon general authority.
  36. Show them the story of a Mormon missionary in Scotland who sexually assaulted a 4-year-old girl, was sent home to Utah where he sexually abused a child, then moved to Georgia and was made a young men’s president and allowed to spend time around LDS boys and girls on a stake youth trip to Nauvoo, Illinois.
  37. Tell them about the former Mormon bishop who sexually molested an 11-year-old girl while lying next to his sleeping wife, who was dying of cancer, and who described this act to police as “a moment of weakness” and said he “did not believe what he did was criminal.”
  38. Show them how a New Zealand lawyer confessed child sexual abuse (CSA) to Mormon leaders who reportedly told him to “try harder,” then became a youth Sunday School teacher and sexually violated a family’s dog.
  39. Tell them they can help monitor their local Mormon stake for sexual predators.
  40. Tell them that, in 2014, a former LDS bishop in Utah was caught sharing CSAM and admitted a lifelong sexual addiction, and how letters to the judge called him a “wonderful man” and a “victim.” Tell them that he was sentenced to 30 days in jail and violated probation by downloading porn.
  41. Show them how a sexual abuse victim’s parents took her to their Mormon bishop in Arizona, who reportedly urged them to call police but said there was little else he or the church could do.
  42. Tell them that in 2002, an LDS church spokesman said, “We are determined to pursue child abuse in the church where it exists, and we have an unsurpassed record in doing it.”
  43. Show them a 2015 press release by the LDS church stating, “The Church has long had a highly effective approach for preventing and responding to abuse. In fact, no religious organization has done more […] the Church’s approach is the gold standard.”
  44. Tell them how a Mormon church leader in Arizona told child sexual abuse victims to “move on and forget what had happened.”
  45. Show them a collection of documented cases of sexual abuse by Mormon health professionals, including doctors, family physicians, dentists, psychiatrists and therapists.
  46. Tell them that in 2013, a Mormon bishop wrote to a judge saying that a twice-convicted sex offender in his ward “possesses [sic] no threat to society.”
  47. Show them how child sex abuse victims watched news reports of a Mormon schoolteacher accused of CSA, and how they told their parents about their abuser, a former Mormon bishop himself, and that their courage led to his conviction.
  48. Teach them that sexual abuse can happen anywhere – including inside a Mormon temple, during a priesthood ordinance.
  49. Tell them of the Utah Mormon man sentenced to 25+ years in prison for child sexual abuse, who said at sentencing, “I have enjoyed serving the Lord all my life and seeing the needs [of] others and acting upon it,” and how a supporter told the judge he “set an example of humility” by turning himself in.
  50. Tell them they can shine a light.