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1 former Mormon general authorities publicly accused and/or convicted of sexual abuse or other sex crimes during their lifetimes
  • FLOODLIT.org Mormon sex abuse case #209: George Patrick Lee

    • Born in 1943.
    • Died in 2010.
    • Also known as George P. Lee.
    • George Lee former LDS general authority; pleaded guilty to attempted sexual abuse of a child, a third-degree felony.
    • Connection to Mormon leaders: George P. Lee was a member of the LDS church's First Quorum of Seventy from 1975 to 1989.
    • Worked in the LDS church as a General authority, Mission president, Other leader, Seventy, .
    • Was a Seventy, at the time of alleged or confirmed criminal activity.
    • Lee turned himself in in 1993.

      raised in the LDS Indian Placement Program

      excommunicated in 1989

      divorced in 1996

      “George was the first Native American General Authority in LDS church history.”

      “the first general authority in 46 years to be excommunicated”

      “He was the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships that helped him earn his B.S. from BYU, Masters from Utah State University and finally his Ed.D. in Educational Administration from BYU. He was the first Native American to get a Doctorate degree from BYU and later served as the President of the College of Ganado and Principal at Tuba City High School in Arizona.”

      mission president, Arizona Holbrook Mission, served for three years, ~1970s

      1st Quorum of Seventy from 10/3/1975 to time of arrest in 1989

      date of alleged crime: 1992
      alleged victim: 12-year-old girl

      “charges of molesting a 12-year-old girl, a friend of his daughter, a court official said Friday.”

      “He was arraigned on one count of first-degree felony child sex abuse, which carries a maximum sentence of five years to life in prison. Prosecutors said the charges were filed as a first-degree felony because Lee ‘occupied a position of special trust to the victim’ as a church leader.”

    • Latest update: 2010: died.
    • More details at FLOODLIT.org/a209