We’re researching the Mormon church helpline, which has existed since 1995. Will publish our findings when finished.



Mentioned in that article is Ralph Neeley. Our case information file on him:


He was an LDS church member who was sentenced to life imprisonment for molesting an eight-year-old in 1992-93 in empty rooms of LDS chapel during church services, and in other locations.

A related civil case was settled out of court, with the terms not disclosed.


Did Neeley’s case directly impact the creation of the telephone help line?

Before 1995, what were LDS bishops instructed to do if someone confessed criminal sexual behavior to them?

Since 1995, how many calls have local church leaders made to the helpline?

Why are the call records destroyed every 24 hours? Has that always been the case or is it a more recent development?

Who actually takes the calls, and how has that changed since 1995?

What counsel is given to those calling the hotline?

These are some of our questions. What else do you think we should try to find out? Do you know of any helpful articles, podcasts etc about the Mormon sexual abuse help line?

Contact us and let us know!