was a Mormon boy scout leader in Utah; was excommunicated in the 1970s; later molested multiple children and killed five young boys; was sentenced to death by lethal injection in 1988

Case Summary

This case arose in 1978 in Utah.

Art Bishop molested many children and killed five boys.

He grew up LDS and served an LDS mission to the Philippines.

He was excommunicated from the Mormon church in the 1970s.

On his last day alive in Utah State Prison, Bishop read from the Book of Mormon prior to being executed by lethal injection.

FLOODLIT.org is not aware of any instances of sexual abuse allegedly committed by Bishop before he left the LDS church; however, we believe his inclusion in our database is justified because of the possibility that he molested or harmed other victims who may not have been able or willing to come forward, and because we feel that the high-profile public nature of his case and the extensive public documentation surrounding it provide fertile ground for research in this topic.

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