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61 former Mormon full-time missionaries publicly accused and/or convicted of sexual abuse or other sex crimes during their lifetimes
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  • FLOODLIT.org Mormon sex abuse case #8: Jared Anderson

    • Born in 1988.
    • Also known as Eldersing.
    • Jared Anderson was a high school teacher and Mormon church group leader in the San Antonio, Texas area; also lived in Millington, Tennessee and Ogden, Utah; sentenced to 10 years in prison for hosting sex parties for teenage boys.
    • Worked in the LDS church as a Missionary, .
    • Was an LDS missionary in United States from 2007 to 2009 .
    • LDS Jared Anderson was arrested for abusing “ten or more teens and was charged on two counts of sexual performance with a child and one count of indecency with a child after several teen boys from his church reported abuse to church officials.”

      The boys were ages 15-17. “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a statement” regarding this abuse. “When we learned of the situation, local leaders reported it immediately to law enforcement.”

      LDS ward of accused at time of alleged crime(s): Encino Park

      From Fox News

      “A former high school teacher who hosted sex parties for teenage boys — including a “bros night” that featured a front-door sign urging them to get naked — has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

      Jared Anderson, who was honored as teacher of the year at Judson High School in Texas just two months prior to his arrest in March 2016, pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual performance by a child and two count of indecency with a child by exposure as part of a plea deal about one month ago, attorney Eduardo Garcia told the San Antonio Express-News.

      Anderson, 29, taught English at the high school in the San Antonio suburb of Converse for about a year. Police said two victims told authorities that Anderson had been hosting parties for several months at his home that involved sexually charged games with multiple boys.

      Anderson’s arrest led school officials to recall yearbooks in order to remove a page that cited him as Teacher of the Year just two months earlier, the Express-News reports. He was later indicted on several counts of sexual performance by a child and was placed on administrative leave by schools officials before being fired.

      Anderson hosted one party at his home on Feb. 12, 2016, that he called a “bros night,” with seven boys ranging from 15 to 17 years old, a San Antonio police spokesman told the newspaper. A sign on the door of the home read: “The last one to get naked has to get the first dare.”

    • Latest update: Sentenced to prison in Texas for child sexual abuse.
    • More details at FLOODLIT.org/a008
  • FLOODLIT.org Mormon sex abuse case #534: Alan Roman Andrus

    • Born in 1963.
    • Also known as Alan R Andrus.
    • Alan Andrus was a Mormon bishop in Placerville, El Dorado County, California; accused of sexual abuse in 2020; as of May 2023, the case is proceeding through pretrial motions.
    • Connection to Mormon leaders: son-in-law of Kieth Merrill; Merrill was commissioned by the LDS church's First Presidency to produce the films Legacy and The Testaments, and has been a member of the Board of Trustees of Southern Virginia University and president of the BYU Alumni Association.
    • Worked in the LDS church as a Bishop, Missionary, .
    • Was an LDS missionary in Hong Kong .
    • Was married in an LDS temple in 1992 .
    • Alan Andrus, a former LDS bishop, was arrested and accused in 2020 of drugging and sexually assaulting a member of his LDS ward in El Dorado County, California in 2019.

      As of May 2023, the case disposition is still pending, as it proceeds through pretrial motions.

      Son in law to Kieth Merrill who made Legacy, The Testaments and other Mormon church films.

      FLOODLIT is keeping track of this court case – El Dorado County case #P20CRF0225 in California.

      Born in ~1964, served an LDS mission. Married in an LDS temple.

    • Latest update: May 2023: in pretrial.
    • More details at FLOODLIT.org/a534
  • FLOODLIT.org Mormon sex abuse case #19: John Baysden

    • Also known as John Baysen (misspelled by an AP news release).
    • John Baysden was an LDS missionary from North Carolina who, while serving his mission in Roy, Utah (Ogden Utah mission), videotaped himself molesting two victims, ages 15 and 18; pleaded guilty to 2 counts of forcible sex abuse with minors.
    • Worked in the LDS church as a Missionary, .
    • Was a Missionary, at the time of alleged or confirmed criminal activity.
    • Was an LDS missionary in United States from 2005 to 2005 .
    • John Baysden was a Mormon missionary from Kinston, North Carolina. He served in the Ogden, Utah mission.

      While serving in Roy, Utah, Baysden sexually abused two victims, ages 15 and 18, and videotaped the abuse.

      In 2006, Baysden pleaded guilty to two felony counts of forcible sex abuse with minors.

    • More details at FLOODLIT.org/a019
  • FLOODLIT.org Mormon sex abuse case #666: Cristifer Kalen Biggs

    • Born in 1999.
    • Also known as Cris Biggs.
    • Cristifer Biggs was an LDS returned missionary and BYU-Idaho student; convicted in July 2023 of one first degree felony count of aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.
    • Worked in the LDS church as a Missionary, .
    • Was an LDS missionary in United States from 2018 to 2020 .
    • Cris Biggs was a 23 year old returned missionary, active LDS church member and BYU-Idaho student. He worked as a mental health tech and was studying to work with at-risk populations.

      Cristifer Biggs Sex Crime Information

      In March 2023, Biggs found a 12-year-old child on the website Omegle, according to a police probable cause affidavit. He convinced the child to FaceTime with him where he masturbated on camera and got the child to do the same, the affidavit said.

      Biggs then tried to convince the child to meet up with him for in-person sex. After the child blocked him, he created several false phone numbers to continue contacting the child, according to the police statement.

      One text message from Biggs to the child read in part, “It felt so good to c*m for you and I still want to have sex with you.” [censored with an * by FLOODLIT]

      The police were notified and Biggs was arrested and charged with five felonies.

      Cristifer Biggs Arrest Information

      Bigg’s arrest took place on May 4, 2023, at his place of work, Highland Ridge.

      At the time of Biggs’s arrest, he was engaged to be married.

      Biggs told police “that his biological father [Robert William Biggs of Utah] is curretly [sic] in prison for ‘Child Pornography’ (Child Abuse Sexual Material) and that he himself is addicted to pornography, but no ‘gay or kid stuff’, and that his fiance has commented he is ‘going to end up like his father’,” according to the probable cause statement.

      The police affidavit says Biggs lied twice to the arresting officer, saying he had chatted online in a sexual way with an adult woman, instead of with a child. When confronted about his lies, Biggs “nodded his head and confirmed this was true. Cristifer said he couldn’t remember the age earlier, which was why he lied to me, but that [the child] did tell him [the child] was 12.”

      Cristifer Biggs Plea Agreement

      In July 2023, Biggs took a plea deal and entered a guilty plea on one count of aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.

      Cristifer Biggs Criminal Sentence Information

      Biggs’s sentencing hearing is on Monday, August 28, 2023.

      FLOODLIT.org will update this page as we get new information in this Mormon sex abuse case.

      FLOODLIT.org is grateful to our sources for alerting us to Biggs’s case and providing helpful information.

    • Latest update: August 2023: pleaded guilty to child sexual exploitation.
    • More details at FLOODLIT.org/a666
  • FLOODLIT.org Mormon sex abuse case #576: Donnie Rue Boring

    • Born in 1950.
    • Died in 2017.
    • Also known as Donnie Boring, Donny Boring.
    • Donnie Boring was a Mormon bishop and stake high council member in California / Arizona; pleaded guilty in 2017 to a felony charge of sexual abuse; died in December 2017.
    • Worked in the LDS church as a Bishop, Missionary, Seminary teacher, Stake high council, Temple worker, Youth leader, .
    • Was an LDS missionary in United States from 1969 to 1971 .
    • Was married in an LDS temple in 1973 .
    • Donnie Boring was a Mormon bishop in at least 2002-2005 in the Needles Ward in the Lake Havasu Arizona stake of the LDS church.

      Needles, California is within an hour drive from Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

      He was also a stake high councilman, stake missionary, temple worker and seminary teacher.

      Pleaded guilty of child sexual abuse in 2017, died in Dec 2017.

      If you knew him, please let us know. You can also leave an anonymous tip. Thank you for helping FLOODLIT improve our database.

    • Latest update: died in December 2017.
    • More details at FLOODLIT.org/a576
  • FLOODLIT.org Mormon sex abuse case #630: Kevin Gerald Bowman

    • Born in 1980.
    • Kevin Bowman was an LDS first counselor in a ward bishopric and a restaurant owner in Utah; was an LDS missionary in Taiwan 1999-2001; accused of sexual abuse of a teenage girl who worked in his restaurant; arrested in July 2023.
    • Worked in the LDS church as a Bishopric counselor, Missionary, Other leader, .
    • Was a Bishopric counselor, Other leader, at the time of alleged or confirmed criminal activity.
    • Was an LDS missionary in Taiwan from 1999 to 2001 .
    • Was married in an LDS temple in 2002 .
    • Kevin Bowman was a Mormon bishopric first counselor in Utah.

      In July 2023, Bowman was accused of sexually abusing a worker at a Spanish Fork restaurant he owned.

      At the time of the alleged sex crimes and his arrest, Bowman was serving as a first counselor in an LDS ward in Spanish Fork. He was also serving as a ward activity chairman.

      Please contact FLOODLIT with information tips.

      Bowman served a full-time mission to Taipei, Taiwan from 1999 to 2001.

      He was married in an LDS temple in August 2002.

      From KSL on 2023-07-20:

      “ SPANISH FORK — The owner of a Spanish Fork restaurant has been arrested and accused of being sexually inappropriate with a teenage employee.

      Kevin Gerald Bowman, 42, of Spanish Fork, was arrested Thursday for investigation of forcible sexual abuse and lewdness.

      The investigation began June 8 when a 16-year-old girl told police “she was sexually assaulted by Kevin while at her place of employment at Teriyaki Madness,” according to a police booking affidavit.

      Police say Bowman is the owner of the restaurant at 788 N. 800 East.

      The girl told police Bowman would “make inappropriate comments to her, call her beautiful and gorgeous, grabbed her breasts and would ‘brush her butt,'” the affidavit alleges. She recounted several incidents to detectives, including a time when Bowman dropped his shorts and stood in front of the girl wearing “see-through” mesh underwear allegedly to show her his sunburn; a time he inappropriately touched her while applying itching cream to the girl, and a second time he inappropriately touched her, according to the affidavit.

      Bowman was questioned at the Spanish Fork Police Department on Thursday. He denied many of the allegations or gave a different versions to some of the events than the girl, according to the arrest report.

      “I advised Kevin it was concerning that he is a 42-year-old male and the victim is a 16-year-old female and he pulled down his pants to show her his sunburn. Kevin advised she asked to see it. He was advised that was bizarre behavior and it was also bizarre behavior for him to be applying cream to her back, especially by going under her shirt,” the arresting officer wrote.

      About 40 minutes after arriving at the police station, Bowman informed detectives that “he was done answering questions.” He was placed into handcuffs at that time and arrested.”

    • Latest update: July 2023: accused of sexual abuse.
    • More details at FLOODLIT.org/a630
  • FLOODLIT.org Mormon sex abuse case #506: Michael Lynn Bronson

    • Born in 1964.
    • Also known as Mike Bronson.
    • Michael Bronson former Mormon bishop in Utah; sentenced to prison in 2017 for first-degree felony attempted aggravated child sexual abuse.
    • Worked in the LDS church as a Bishop, Missionary, .
    • Was an LDS missionary in Honduras from 1982 to 1984 .
    • Was married in an LDS temple in 1985 .
    • Bronson, who was a Mormon bishop in Vineyard, Utah at one time, was sentenced in 2017 to prison for sexually abusing a child. He admitted to inappropriately touching a 14-year-old girl with whom he occupied a special position of trust.

      Also in 2017, Bronson’s wife filed for divorce.

      Bronson attended BYU in the early 1980s and served a full-time Mormon mission to Honduras from 1982 to 1984.

      As of 2023, Bronson is out on parole and lives in Orem, Utah.

      FLOODLIT has obtained court documents in this case thanks to your donations.

      A police probable cause statement from January 2017 in Bronson’s case reads in part:

      “PROBABLE CAUSE STATEMENT: [Officer name] of the Utah State Bureau of Investigations, having probable cause to believe that the defendant committed the above- listed offenses, submitted the following evidence in support of the filing of this Information:

      On January 15, 2017, the defendant dropped off the victim, a child under the age of 14, at her home. The victim had been visiting the defendant at his home in Orem, Utah. The defendant occupied a position of special trust in relation to victim. That relationship is indicated in discovery but not listed here to protect the privacy of the victim. After the defendant left the victim’s home, the victim disclosed to her mother that the defendant had touched her inappropriately. The mother contacted police who coordinated a forensic interview at a Children’s Justice Center. At the Children’s Justice Center, the child disclosed that the defendant had touched her vagina on at least two occasions: once at his home in Orem, and once on the drive back to her home in Tooele.

      Police interviewed the defendant and he admitted to inappropriately touching the victim.”

      from KSL on 2018-06-26:

      “DRAPER — As planning for Fourth of July and Pioneer Day celebrations are underway, one choir kicked off the festivities early, performing in a place you may not expect: the Utah State Prison.

      “A lot of what I was involved with, I was very selfish,” said Michael Bronson of his conviction. He’s been an inmate and Oquirrh Facility Choir member for about a year now. “It’s a great opportunity for us,” he said about the choir.

      Monday’s concert performance was made up of patriotic and pioneer tunes.

      The audience was made up mostly of volunteers at the prison.

      “This is the seventh one that we’ve enjoyed because we’ve been volunteering at the prison a long time. It is the highlight of our Fourth of July, patriotic celebration,” said volunteer Marsha Green.
      (Photo: Caitlin Burchill, KSL TV)
      (Photo: Caitlin Burchill, KSL TV)

      “The possibility of the hard feelings they may have towards the government and towards the justice system or whatever, here they are being patriotic,” added her husband Bruce Green, a former LDS bishop at the prison.

      The concert gives purpose to those convicted of a crime.

      “We sing songs that give them something to think about besides what’s going on,” said Tamie Foote, choir director for more than four years now.

      And, it gives them a chance thank those who have faith in their future.
      (Photo: Steve Breinholt, KSL TV)
      (Photo: Steve Breinholt, KSL TV)

      “We kind of find the chapel is an oasis for us. They help us. They give us a lot of hope,” said Bronson, of the volunteers.

      Audience members said it’s also a chance to thank the inmates they say have impacted them so much.

      “The biggest thing I have learned is to take nothing for granted,” said Foote.

      Bruce Green asked inmates who were service members to stand up for a round of applause, after the inmates asked for veteran audience members to do the same.

      The music brought people of all backgrounds together at a concert showcasing the spirit of America.”

    • More details at FLOODLIT.org/a506
  • FLOODLIT.org Mormon sex abuse case #49: Paul J Bryant

    • Born in 1968.
    • Paul Bryant was a Mormon church member in Utah; in 2016, pleaded guilty to three first-degree felony counts of attempted aggravated sexual abuse of a child; in 2016, was sentenced to prison.
    • Worked in the LDS church as a Branch president, Missionary, Other leader, Primary teacher, Scout leader, Youth leader, .
    • Was an LDS missionary in Argentina from 1987 to 1989 .
    • Was married in an LDS temple .
    • Paul Bryant was a former HOA president and LDS church member.

      Bryant served a full-time mission for the LDS church in Cordoba, Argentina.

      LDS church callings Bryant held include branch president (on his mission to Argentina), cub scout leader, Primary teacher, young men’s leader, and elders quorum presidency member.

      Bryant was married in the Salt Lake LDS temple. He was later divorced and his temple sealing was cancelled (often informally called a “temple divorce”).

      In 2016, Bryant was convicted of child sexual abuse. He took a plea deal and served two years in prison.

      Bryant was convicted in 2016 of:
      Description : 76-5-404.1 – AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ABUSE OF A CHILD-ATTEMPTED/1ST DEGREE FELONY (attempted)

      According to FLOODLIT’s sources, Bryant’s LDS bishop wrote to the judge in his behalf.

      A source familiar with Bryant’s case reported that one of Bryant’s victims told an LDS bishop in Alpine, Utah about the abuse. The bishop called the victim a liar and did not notify police or Bryant’s wife, according to the source.

      After Bryant’s divorce, plea agreement, admission of guilt and prison time served, his new Mormon bishop in Lehi, Utah continued to protect him at great lengths to his congregation, according to the source.

      Thanks to your donations, FLOODLIT has obtained court records in Bryant’s case.

      A police probable cause statement in Bryant’s case reads in part:

      “PROBABLE CAUSE STATEMENT: [officer], Utah County Sheriff’s Office, having probable cause to believe a crime was committed, submitted evidence in support of the filing of this Information: For more than a decade, Paul Bryant has been sexually abusing two [redacted] children, in the Highland/Alpine area, on a regular basis.

      Between 3/25/1998 and 3/24/2005, Bryant molested [a boy] at least twice a year (he disclosed at least 1-2 times a month) for seven years when he was between 6 and 13 years of age (COUNTS 1-14). […] During the years of molestation, Bryant told [the boy] not to disclose the abuse, saying that if [the boy] did disclose, Bryant “would kill [him] or make [his] friends disappear and get away with it because he was in the FBI and knew all the laws and how it worked.” […] Bryant was in a position of special trust, which is an aggravating factor.

      Between 7/6/2003 and 7/5/2007, Bryant molested [a girl] at least twice a year when she was between 10 and 13 years of age. […] Bryant was in a position of special trust, which is an aggravating factor.

      During the investigation, [a woman] disclosed she was molested by Bryant when she was 6 or 7 (and he was 14 YO) […]. Post-Miranda, Bryant confessed that [the woman] was the sexual aggressor […]. He denied sexually touching [son] and or [daughter]

      After Bryant was booked into jail on August 31, 2015 for the above 22 charges, he called his father and neighbor/girlfriend on September 1 to repeatedly asked them to tamper with the victims’ willingness to cooperate with the investigation and prosecution of the case. At 2:48pm, he called his father and told him to contact [the male victim] and [the female victim] to explain to them the “grave consequences” of what they were doing and to have them “go and tell the officers, ‘Hey, we were mad at [Bryant] and we were willing to work things out;’ maybe there would be a change of heart” (COUNTS 24 & 25). At 3:59pm, Bryant called his neighbor/girlfriend to tell her that she needed to “beg, plead, do whatever you have to do to talk to [[the male victim] and [the female victim]] and have them drop the charges” (COUNTS 26 & 27).”

      According to Bryant’s plea agreement, he was to “serve two consecutive one-year sentences in the Utah County Jail” and be on supervised probation for five years.

      On April 3, 2019, Bryant completed a sex offender treatment program.

      from KSL on 2019-12-04:

      “AMERICAN FORK — Utah County sheriff’s detectives are investigating why they say a registered sex offender visited an elementary school for four consecutive days during Halloween without ever signing in at the front office.

      Paul Bryant, 51, of Lehi, was arrested Monday for investigation of four counts of being a sex offender in a protected area.

      From Oct. 28-31, Bryant visited an undisclosed elementary school in American Fork, according to a police affidavit. Bryant is a friend of a teacher in the school and went to that teacher’s classroom, said Utah County Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon.

      Bryant does not have a child who attends the school, Cannon said. Whether the teacher knew Bryant was not allowed to be on school property was not known Tuesday, but Cannon said it was something that Bryant should have known.

      “He had no legitimate reason at all to be there. He knew that. His signature is on the Sex Offender Registry agreement,” he said.

      Bryant pleaded guilty in 2016 to three counts of attempted aggravated sex abuse of a child, after originally being arrested for investigation of 21 counts of aggravated sex abuse of a child. He was given a suspended prison term, but sentenced to a year in jail followed by probation.

      “In July of 2019, Paul was released early from probation but as a lifetime member of the Sex Offender Registry, he was still required to register as a sex offender and adhere to the Sex Offender Registry laws and requirements,” deputies noted in the new arresting affidavit.

      As part of the requirements for being a registered sex offender, Bryant is not allowed to enter “protected areas” such as schools.

      But over Halloween, Bryant visited an elementary school — an action that was noticed by “several others” who called the sheriff’s office to investigate, Cannon said.

      “Interviews with the teacher and school administrators revealed that Paul had been present in the elementary school on at least four different occasions the week of Halloween, Oct. 28–31. All visitors to the school are required to sign the ‘visitor registration log’ located in the main office. Even though Paul visited the main office on all four of his visits, he never signed the visitor registration logbook,” according to the affidavit.
      “There would be ample opportunities for Paul to interact in an unsupervised manner with the children. This interaction would be further facilitated by the presence of a dog.”
      –Police affidavit

      A picture was presented to detectives showing Bryant in a Halloween costume at the school, the affidavit states. On at least one occasion, he also brought a service dog to the school with him.

      “This occurred during the lunch hour when the kids were in the halls and where there would be ample opportunities for Paul to interact in an unsupervised manner with the children. This interaction would be further facilitated by the presence of a dog,” the affidavit states. “It should also be noted that on at least one occasion, Paul brought treats for the children in the teacher’s class. Many of these elementary school children would be around the same approximate age of the male child victim that Paul has previously admitted sexually assaulting.”

      Bryant requested his attorney be present when deputies went to his home to interview him, according to the sheriff’s office. After he was arrested and taken to jail, his attorney was able to post bail.”

    • Latest update: 2023: registered sex offender; lives in Utah.
    • More details at FLOODLIT.org/a049
  • FLOODLIT.org Mormon sex abuse case #60: Robert D Campbell

    • Robert Campbell .
    • Worked in the LDS church as a Missionary, .
    • Was a Missionary, at the time of alleged or confirmed criminal activity.
    • 07/21/88 Nebraska

      LDS Robert D. Campbell, “20, of Aberdeen, Idaho, was released from jail after Mission
      President David Campbell (no relation) posted a $10,000 bond. A hearing was scheduled
      Friday morning in the Dixon County Courthouse in Charlotte.

      President Campbell said he received a call from a ward mission leader, who said the mother
      of the family was making “some serious accusations.” The mission president called the
      woman, who said her daughters told her they had been fondled.” Wire service reports say
      the woman told a local newspaper that church officials told her not to call the police, that
      they would handle the incident themselves.” (Deseret News July 21 , 1988).

      “Robert D. Campbell, 20, a Mormon missionary from Idaho, was CHARGED with sexually
      assaulting two Tennessee sisters, ages 7 and 9, at a prayer meeting. David Campbell, of
      Nashville, president of the missionary program, told the press “That’s not true.” The thirty
      two year old woman said “I’ll probably be excommunicated over this.” She said David
      Campbell advised her not to call the police, although he denies that too. She also said
      church officials called her an hour after the missionary’s release from jail asking permission
      for her daughters to “take a lie detector test.” Said the mother: “He can deny it all he wants
      to. He told me not to tell anybody, and not to report it… He said the church’s attorneys would
      look into it. (Idaho Statesman July 21, 1988.)”

      CAMPBELL-Robert D Campbell.pdf

      http://tnvallevtalks.hoop.la/topic/thev-did-it-not-us?replv=331 3246790233291 54



    • More details at FLOODLIT.org/a060
  • FLOODLIT.org Mormon sex abuse case #600: Jonathan Raymond Carver

    • Born in 1979.
    • Also known as JR Carver, Jon Carver.
    • Jonathan Carver was a Mormon church member and returned missionary in Utah; accused of sexual abuse of a 17-year-old girl at a counseling center where he worked; pleaded guilty and sentenced in 2009 to prison; as of 2023, lives in Clearfield, Utah.
    • Worked in the LDS church as a Missionary, .
    • Was an LDS missionary in Haiti from 1998 to 2000 .
    • Jonathan Carver AKA JR Carver served a full-time Mormon mission to Haiti from 1998-2000.

      While working with his wife at Alpine Academy in 2008, Carver repeatedly raped a 17-year-old girl who was living there. He later admitted to that crime.

      Alpine Academy was a residential center for teenagers with psychological difficulties. Carver took advantage of the girl’s vulnerability by sexually abusing his victim.

      Prosecutors believed Carver began engaging in sexual activity with the girl when his wife was gone and that Carver had at least 20 sexual encounters with the teen starting in October 2008.

      In 2009, Carver pleaded guilty to five counts of forcible sexual abuse, which were amended to second-degree felonies as part of a plea bargain. A charge of third-degree felony witness tampering was dismissed.

      On Carver’s LinkedIn profile as of April 2023, he stated, “I served a 2 year LDS mission to the country of Haiti, speaking Haitian Creole and French.” That was from September 1998 to October 2000.

      Carver married in 2004 and is still married to his wife as of 2023.

      From Deseret News in August 2009:

      “Jonathan Carver, 29, a former employee at a school for troubled girls pleaded guilty in court Thursday to five counts of forcible sexual abuse, all second-degree felonies, for sexual conduct with a 17-year-old former student.

      Carver and his wife had worked as house parents for the Alpine Academy in Tooele County. Prosecutors believe Carver began engaging in sexual activity with the girl when his wife was gone and that Carver had at least 20 sexual encounters with the teen starting in October 2008.

      The situation came to light when the girl was discharged from the facility and went home. A parent grew suspicious and called the school after Carver continued to have contact with the girl. Both Carver and his wife were fired.

      Carver originally had been charged with four counts of rape, two counts of forcible sodomy and one count of witness tampering, but those charges were amended or dismissed as the case progressed and a plea bargain was struck.

      He is set to be sentenced Oct. 6 by 3rd District Judge Stephen Henriod.”

      From Deseret News in October 2009:

      “TOOELE — Judge Stephen Henriod didn’t mince words Tuesday when sentencing a house parent at a center for emotionally troubled teens who admitted he repeatedly had sex with a 17-year-old girl.

      The 3rd District judge termed Jonathan Carver’s rationalizations for his behavior “disgusting” and “reprehensible,” and sentenced Carver to serve five to 30 years behind bars.

      Henriod, who has been on the bench for 15 years, called Carver’s admissions to evaluators “the most dishonest exhibition of a defendant” he had ever seen.

      “I think he was lying throughout his psychosexual and pre-sentence reports, and that is not unusual,” the judge said. “But I’ve never seen it to the extent I have with Mr. Carver.”

      The girl’s father had equally harsh words.

      “Make no mistake — we are in the presence of evil right now,” the father said. “He will always be an enemy of my family.”

      Carver, 29, formerly worked with his wife at Alpine Academy as house parents in a residential center for teenagers who have psychological difficulties. The academy provides counseling and treatment, while the house parents are hired to offer daily supervision and to provide a family-like atmosphere.

      The girl’s parents brought her from Georgia to Alpine Academy, trusting that the agency could help their daughter, most particularly with a problem in setting boundaries.

      Prior to Tuesday’s sentencing, Carver had pleaded guilty to five counts of forcible sexual abuse, which were amended to second-degree felonies as part of a plea bargain. A charge of third-degree felony witness tampering was dismissed.

      Henriod appeared especially offended by Carver on one hand saying he has taken responsibility for his actions and on the other, in a five-page written statement, blaming the underage girl for “pushing herself on him” while Carver himself was “weak.”

      “He blames the victim over and over and over and over,” Henriod said. “She pushed herself on him? That is reprehensible and disgusting, Mr. Carver. You are unhappy you got caught. I do think you’re a danger to the community and children.”

      The girl’s father wept as he lashed out at Carver, saying Carver had taken advantage of the inside information he had about the girl’s vulnerabilities and, in typical pedophile fashion, isolated her from her family, “groomed” her for his affection, and then slowly escalated the contact until he began raping her three or four times a week, using his position of trust to make the girl think this was love.

      The father called Carver deceitful, manipulative and “someone who has a God complex and believes he’s smarter than anyone else in this room.”

      Even after the girl returned home, Carver taught her to install a ghost hard-drive on a computer and another device that hides correct phone numbers to conceal their continued communication.

      The father also said that during the police investigation, Carver harassed the girl and her family with such things as demeaning comments on social-networking sites, along with unwanted phone calls and text messages.

      The mother also denounced Carver, and both of the parents said Carver’s wife should be ashamed for turning a blind eye to what was going on for months when the girl was at Alpine Academy. Carver’s wife has not been charged with anything. Prosecutors say they do not know when she became aware of Carver’s conduct with the girl.

      Carver apologized in court.

      “Your honor, the things that happened to me that I did, I don’t have any excuses for,” he said. “I regret it. I’d do anything to change it. Apologies seem weak at this point, but I destroyed a lot of people, especially her and her family. I know I need help. I want to be good and do good. I’m really sorry,” Carver said.

      Carver’s lawyer, Jon Williams, said the psychosexual evaluation showed Carver to be a low risk for re-offending and asked the judge for probation, or barring that, concurrent sentences.

      However, Tooele County Attorney Doug Hogan said Carver knew of the personal problems the girl was struggling with and, instead of helping her as someone in a position of trust should do, took advantage of the girl.”

    • Latest update: 2023: out of prison; registered sex offender; lives in Clearfield, Utah.
    • More details at FLOODLIT.org/a600
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