was an LDS church member in Utah; found guilty in 2018 of child sexual exploitation; sentenced to 210 days in state prison and five years of probation

Craig Housley Case Summary

Craig Housley was a Mormon church member in Utah. At one time, he served as a ward financial clerk, according to FLOODLIT’s sources.

In 1999 to 2001, Housley served a full-time LDS mission to Brazil.

In 2018, Housley was found guilty of child sexual exploitation. He was originally charged with 21 counts. 19 of those counts were dismissed as part of a plea bargain.

He was sentenced to 210 days in the Utah State Prison, with credit for 148 days previously served – leaving 62 days to serve after sentencing. He was placed on probation for five years. In 2020, he completed his probation successfully.

Utah court case number 181700509 – State Felony

  1. Craig Aaron Housley
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