was a former Mormon bishop and stake president in Arizona; was an attorney and served a mission as a legal counsel for the LDS church in Africa; arrested in 2014 in a police sting for prostitution

Case report

Robert Kempton was a former Mormon stake president who was arrested in 2014 for prostitution after being caught by a police sting operation.

As a young man, Kempton served an LDS mission in Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia.

Kempton was a stake president in the Tempe Arizona South Stake for a few years until January 1998.

He also was an LDS bishop in 1980 in Arizona and a bishopric counselor in 1971.

Kempton served a mission as a legal counsel for the LDS Church in Africa a few years before his arrest.

He died in 2018.

Mar. 5, 2024: This case report was updated to reflect the fact that Kempton was not arrested for underage prostitution.

Case facts

  • AKA Robert G. Kempton, President Kempton
  • Born: 1942
    Died: 2018
  • LDS mission: United States - Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia - possibly the Eastern States mission 1962-1964
  • Lived in: Arizona,
  • During alleged crime, lived in: Arizona,
  • When accused, lived in: Arizona,
  • Victims: 1 victim,
  • Crime years: 2010s,
  • Convicted in: Never convicted,
  • Latest update: 2018: Died in Arizona

Case information sources

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Case information source details

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